NYX Professional Makeup Opens Shop in Roblox

Credit: Roblox

Get your avatars ready to shine: Cosmetics are coming to the metaverse.

According to a report from Retail Dive, NYX Professional Makeup just launched its Spring 2023 collection in the virtual gaming metaverse Roblox.

The collection, “House of NYX Professional Makeup,” is located in the popular iHeartLand section of Roblox. Visitors to the virtual space will be able to collect exclusive makeup for their in-game avatars while listening to tunes from the in-house peacock DJ.

In collaboration with iHeartMedia, NYX is also presenting a “Pink Carpet” experience featuring artists from the upcoming Artist Chat Series. Users can live chat with emerging artists and take selfies with their avatars.

The head of marketing for NYX, Vivianna Blanch, said that the brand was excited to immerse Roblox users in the world of “artistry, digital cosmetics and self-expression.”

Roblox is a gaming metaverse that’s extremely popular with younger users. It sees over 55 million active users per day and has partnered with several major brands and companies for brand activations in its virtual world.

For NYX, this isn’t the brand’s first move in Web3. In June, it hosted a Pride celebration in The Sandbox. Now that NYX has a persistent presence in Roblox, users won’t have to go far to tidy up their avatars.

More Brands Are Moving to Roblox

NYX Professional Makeup’s move to Roblox is a big deal for fans of Web3 and cosmetics. But NYX is far from the only brand to setup shop in what’s becoming one of the most popular metaverses around. At Rarity Sniper, we’ve covered dozens of stories about brands and companies partnering with Roblox. Here are three of the most recent headlines.

First, two months ago, FIFA entered Roblox with a virtual world experience that included skill games, video content from the FIFA+ archives, challenges, and in-game events during the World Cup. The virtual world gives fans new ways to interact with fans and celebrate the rich heritage of soccer.

Next, on October 21st, TCL Electronics, a Chinese technology company, launched an activation in Roblox for the Halloween holiday. The virtual experience will introduce users to a variety of TCL Electronics products, including Soundbars, brand name air conditioners, and Mini LED TVs.

Lastly, Forever 21 is manufacturing clothes that it first tested in Roblox when it opened its virtual store about a year ago. One product that will be available in-real-life (IRL) is a black beanie that was first sold digitally in Roblox. It is on track to becoming one of the brand’s top performing items ever.

Roblox isn’t the only company competing to be a top metaverse. But with its recent partnerships and huge user-base, it’s certainly positioned itself as a top dog. We’ll have to wait to see if NYX Professional Makeup’s metaverse activation will be popular with users. But one thing appears to be clear: More top brands are entering the metaverse and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down any time soon.