TCL Electronics Enters Metaverse with Roblox Partnership

Credit: TCL

TCL Electronics, a Chinese technology company, will officially enter the metaverse on Friday October 21st. The activation will take place in the Roblox gaming universe through the TCL Dream House and will target game players interested in the Halloween holiday. The metaverse experience will introduce players to a wide variety of TCL Electronics products, including Mini LED TVs, Soundbars, and brand name air conditioners.

For the metaverse experience, TCL Electronics is launching a coordinated campaign across its many social media channels. It plans for the activation to extend from October 21st into the foreseeable future. Like most Roblox experiences, there’s no time limit in which the activation needs to end.

The TCL Dream House will contain numerous mini-games and rooms for players to explore. They can also take photos in a virtual photo booth and post the pictures to social media to celebrate the event. There will also be Halloween decorations throughout the Dream House, keeping in line with this “spooky” time of year.

In its press release about the event, TCL Electronics make specific note that the metaverse experience will allow them to connect with a new generation of consumer. Often, companies create Roblox experiences specifically for that purpose: to try to establish a relationship with Gen Z.

Founded in 1981, TCL Electronics is one of the worldwide leaders in television sales. It operates in 160 markets globally and is involved with the research and development of smart home appliances. This activation is its first step into the metaverse, one that the company believes is important in establishing a Web3 presence.

Roblox Stays Busy in 2022

Roblox, one of the largest gaming metaverses in existence, has stayed busy in 2022. It seems to be the launching point for many companies entering Web3, including some of the top names in business. Here are three stories involving Roblox and top organizations this year.

First, there is FIFA and Roblox. Last week, the worldwide governing body of soccer announced it was launching a Roblox activation. The FIFA+ virtual world will consist of mini-games, video content, and challenges for collectors.

Second, there is the partnership between Hot Topic and Roblox. 10 days ago, the clothing retailer shared it was creating a Roblox Halloween experience. The activation will feature a Hot Topic shop embedded in three popular Roblox games, along two items also available in the real world.

Third and finally, there is Walmart’s Roblox experiences. On September 26th, the retail giant announced it was entering the Roblox metaverse, creating two experiences: Walmart Land and Walmart Universe of Play. Both contain games and toys for kids.

Roblox has stayed busy this year, and as the TCL Electronics partnership shows, it will likely continue to remain so. Here at Rarity Sniper, we’ll be paying close attention for further developments in the story.