Polygon’s Mojo Melee Offers Free NFT through Prime Gaming

Credit: Mojo Melee

Amazon, the largest e-commerce business in the world, just made a move in Web3 that’s sending ripples throughout the space. As part of an ongoing a partnership with Mojo Melee, an NFT game built on the layer-2 scaling network Polygon, Amazon Prime Gaming is giving away free NFTs to its Prime members.

The first offering is a free package including a coveted non-fungible token and in-game currency that is currently available for Prime subscribers who create a player account in the game. The package contains one gaming NFT of the character Gwyn Rockhopper and 885 Ore — an in-game currency that is not a cryptocurrency.

According to the report, the collaboration will last six months and will include monthly airdrops of in-game NFTs and other digital content.

Mojo Melee is a popular blockchain-based game that combines elements of real-time strategy games and chess. It offers a unique take on the “auto battler” genre, which has seen a boom in popularity since 2019. It can be accessed via web browsers and an Android app.

With this new Amazon collaboration, Prime members receive immediate access to the champion Gwyn Rockhopper NFT. This is notable because in most cases, players must reach specific levels before they can mint champions as NFTs.

The ongoing collaboration aims to reward loyal Prime members, expand Mojo Melee’s ecosystem, and potentially onboard millions into Web3. The latter point is no small deal, as Amazon has 200 million Amazon Prime subscribers around the world (up from 100 million in 2018). To put that in perspective, if Prime members were a country, it would be the 8th largest country in the world.

Although Amazon tends to be discreet about its Web3 plans, earlier in the year we reported the company was toying with the idea of launching its own NFT marketplace. If that happens, millions of people around the world could be introduced to Web3 and NFTs.

Traditional Companies Partner with Web3 Platforms

Amazon’s partnership with Mojo Melee is huge news for the NFT space, and should be exciting for Prime members and current players of the popular auto battler game. But Amazon is far from the only traditional company that’s hooked up with a Web3 platform to experiment with the next iteration of the internet. Here are some related headlines from Rarity Sniper this year:

As traditional companies become savvier to the benefits of Web3, more of them are reaching out to Web3 companies and platforms to form partnerships and collaborations. We’ll have to be patient to see if the latest move from Amazon will be popular with its users. But the mere fact that Amazon is bullish on NFTs and Web3 is a win for the space. At Rarity Sniper, we’ll be following up on any developments in the story.