Prada and Adidas to Launch NFT Collection on Polygon

Credit: Bored Ape Yacht Club / Adidas + Prada

Adidas and luxury fashion designer Prada are teaming up for a joint venture into the metaverse. The “Adidas for Prada Re-Nylon collection” is an NFT collection built on the Polygon blockchain that employs user-generated and creator-owned art and allows fans to contribute their own designs.

This is the 3rd collaboration between Adidas and Prada, but it’s the first one that makes use of NFTs and the metaverse. Although original, it was likely inspired by Nike’s CryptoKicks.

This is what we know about the NFT collection so far:

  • Starting on Jan 24, fans can register a digital wallet and submit a photograph using a filter that was developed by the artist Zach Lieberman.
  • 3,000 contributors will be chosen randomly and given IP rights to their individual NFT and invited to participate in the drop.
  • 1,000 spots are reserved for owners of Adidas “Original’s Genesis NFT drop” and 500 for people who tried to mint the original drop but were unsuccessful.
  • On Jan 26 and 27 participants can use the re-source website to mint their submissions.
  • Lieberman will compile the 3,000 photographs into a “patchwork” NFT that will be auctioned on SuperRare on January 28th. The proceeds will go to a charity that supports artists and creators.

The VP of Brand Communications Erika Wykes said, “The metaverse presents vast possibilities and we see Web3 as a new playground to collaborate with our community—creating shared value for every participant. This latest project with Prada and Zach Lieberman encapsulates our desire to work in a radically open manner, drawing on a shared ethos of relentless innovation as we bring co-collaborators on the journey with us toward a new frontier.”

Adidas and Prada aren’t the only brands aggressively entering the NFT market, which grew to 25 billion in 2021. Crocs filed a trademark application on Jan. 11 to expand into NFTS and the Gap successfully launched its first collection on Tezos blockchain earlier in the month.

Although NFTs are still a nascent technology with an uncertain future, judging from the success other major brands have had with recent NFT drops, we expect Prada and Adidas new collection to be a hit.