‘Ready Player One’ Author to Bring IP to New Metaverse

Ready Player One?

Yesterday, AI and metaverse company Futureverse announced the formation of Readyverse Studios, a company set to build an entirely new metaverse with a focus on Hollywood Intellectual Property (IP).

Its first step? To bring the infamous IP of Ready Player One, a book and film that popularized the metaverse, into, you guessed it, a similar virtual world.

Naturally, two of the founders of Readyverse Studios are Ernest Cline and Dan Farah, author of the book and producer of the film respectively. The other two are Shara Senderoff and Aaron McDonald, co-founders of Futureverse itself.

So far, Readyverse Studios has reached an agreement with one Hollywood studio: Warner Bros. Discovery, from which it will hopefully draw IP from to add more dimensions to its new virtual world. It has also talked with other Hollywood studios about adding their IP to the metaverse, the goal being to create a dynamic platform of interconnected digital experiences.

Cline said in a statement that the future has arrived quicker than even he had thought. He believes they’ll be able to leverage the revolutionary technology of Futureverse to create the best metaverse possible, one that will lead to the next chapter of “our collective future” and that would make the book characters proud.

Readyverse Studios plans to call its metaverse “The Readyverse” and pegs its launch for some time in 2024. It will hold to all the standards of the open metaverse, including elements like digital ownership, community-owned infrastructure, decentralization, security, and interoperability.

It will also leverage Web3 technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality, and metaverse games and experiences, while maintaining a focus on mass consumer use. The goal will be multi-IP, multi-world, and more.

Who is Futureverse?

Futureverse, the company behind the Readyverse Studios formation, may be a mystery to some, but it appears like they’ve been in the game for some time. It maintains a large digital collectibles community and has partnered with many leading companies, including Reebok, Cool Cats, and NVIDIA.

In fact, it recently made waves by signing with Creative Artists Agency, an American talent and sports agency based in Los Angeles, California.

Futureverse builds on The Root Network, which is a public, decentralized blockchain created exclusively for metaverse projects. Among the many phrases on The Root Network’s website is “Where anything can be connected to anything,” likely indicating the blockchain’s penchant for supporting projects with a degree of interoperability.

Two stories we’ve covered about Futureverse show that the company has a tendency to make news with big names:

Today’s news shows that more big splashes may come in 2024, which could ignite a fire in the decentralized metaverse space.