Reebok and VeeFriends Team Up for Limited Edition Sneakers

Credit: Reebok / VeeFriends

VeeFriends and Reebok are coming together for the release of a limited-edition IRL shoe, inspired by one of the VeeFriends’ non-fungible token characters.

The ‘VeeFriends Aspiring Alpaca Classic Nylon’ is a unisex sneaker in the style of Reebok’s heritage silhouette, the Classic Nylon — a throwback known for its clean, minimalistic design. It features the Veefriends logo on the side and the original drawing of the Aspiring Alpaca NFT on the tongue.

On August 17th, the sneakers will be available to holders of VeeFriends Series 1 and Series 2 NFTs. Then on August 24th, the sale opens to customers worldwide on and Reebok’s website for the price of $90.

VeeFriends genesis NFT collection consists of 283 NFTs illustrated by Web3 influencer and entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk. The project’s aim is to promote positivity and kindness, ultimately making the world a better place. Each character embodies concepts love, resiliency, ambition, gratitude, and more.

Gary Vee said that he was excited to work with Reebok, and that he had always been inspired by the brand. He recalled how in the ‘80’s everyone was ‘rocking those iconic sneakers.’ The Aspiring Alpaca character from VeeFriends pushes individuals to reach their full potential, aligning perfectly with Reebok’s motivational branding.

At Rarity Sniper, this is the first we’ve seen from the American sneaker brand in Web3. Although back in November 2022, news leaked that Reebok had filed two applications to trademark its name for NFT-backed media, virtual wearables, virtual stores with virtual goods, and online NFT marketplaces.

Sneaker Brands Get Comfortable in Web3

Fans of Reebok and Veefriends should be excited for the new release. But this is far from the only NFT sneaker project we’ve seen in Web3 recently. At Rarity Sniper, we’ve covered so many projects linking NFTs to real sneakers, we think there’s a good chance ‘NFT Sneakerheads’ will become its own category of sneaker collector (if it hasn’t already).

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NFTs and blockchain technology are opening new doors for the sneaker industry, allowing brands to connect directly with consumers, offer limited products, and sell virtual footwear that can be worn in the metaverse and virtual worlds.

Reebok might be a little late to the party, but partnering with Web3 vet Gary Vee and VeeFriends for an exclusive redesign of a classic shoe could be a great way to get caught up. At Rarity Sniper, we’ll be on the lookout for any developments in the story.