RTFKT and Ledger Announce Partnership at NFT Paris

Credit: RTFKT & Ledger

NFT Paris was the site of exciting Web3 news last week. Ledger, the most trusted wallet for crypto and digital assets, announced its partnership with Nike-owned RTFKT for a series of educational programs and collaborative NFT drops.

Benoit Pagotto, founder of RTFKT, took to the stage at NFT Paris to discuss the partnership and the brands future together as they aim to build an elevated and holistic approach to Web3 safety and security.

The partnership kicked off a series of physical and digital releases. The first is the the “Ledger x RTFKT” NFT collection, which consists of an all-white custom edition of the Ledger Nano S Plus and Nano X for collectors. They can be purchased as NFTs and then redeemed for the physical items.

Another project is the Ledger Quest, an educational program that incentivizes NFT learning with the chance to earn crypto (learn and earn). With this project, holders can expect branded quests and the chance to earn rewards through the platform.

Lastly, holders of RTFKT x Ledger Genesis NFTs can access a limited-edition Nano-case accessory which comes with a Nano X. This exclusive drop will also be available to Clone X holders.

Every RTFKT NFT sold on the Ledger Market will come with RTFKT educational materials explaining how to create a cold wallet and use it safely. Following the first drop, RTFKT is expected to bring new items to the Ledger Market.

Because RTFKT has so many dedicated collectors of their NFTs, safety and security are critical. The company said it’s “doubling down on education so everyone understands how to safely secure their digital assets.” Partnering with the most trusted wallet in Web3 to provide secure solutions for premium digital collectibles should help their cause.

Partnerships In Web3 Continue to Form

For fans and collectors of RTFKT, the new partnership with Ledger is exciting news. But RTFKT and Ledger certainly aren’t the only Web3 companies forming partnerships to bring new features and value to their holders. At Rarity Sniper, we’ve covered several partnerships in recent months between top Web3 brands. Here are some of the latest stories.

First, three months ago, the NFT project Chimpers partnered with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise and its parent company Paramount. News of the partnership sent the Chimpers NFTs floor price as high as 1.5 ETH.

Shortly after, the United Talent Agency signed PROOF, the Web3 studio behind the NFT collection Moonbirds. The partnership will help PROOF expand beyond its Web3 audience and bring UTA deeper into Web3 waters.

Finally, the country Saudi Arabia recently announced a partnership with The Sandbox metaverse. The non-binding agreement states both parties future metaverse development intentions. It was signed at the Leap 2023 Conference in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The latest partnership between RTFKT and Ledger may take time to yield fruit. But considering both companies commitment to Web3 and their communities, we’re optimistic they can work together to reach their goals. At Rarity Sniper, we’ll keep our eyes and ears open for any new developments in the story.