Slim Jim Debuts the Meataverse with NFT GigaJim Collection

Credit: Slim Jim

Slim Jim, an American snack country, has officially entered Web3 with the ‘Meataverse’ and a new non-fungible token collection. The company Tweeted its entrance yesterday with a short video showing a starry night and a meat store with Slim Jim displays:

Its debut NFT collection consists of 10,000 sticks of meat minted on the Polygon blockchain. In a likely bid to make the set appeal to mainstream collectors, the company is not charging for the NFTs and will even cover the low Polygon transaction minting fee.

To mint a Slim Jim NFT, U.S.-based users will need to go to the company’s dedicated NFT platform, enter their email address and phone number, after which they will receive their GigaJim NFT. The initial NFT will come with randomly generated visual traits, which draw inspiration from the company’s lore posted on social media.

The NFTs can evolve, with holders will be able to customize their Slim Jim NFT by collecting and using a secret ingredient called SAUCE. After using the SAUCE, the Slim Jim NFT will develop certain traits and have a rarity score. Eventually, the company plans to create a leaderboard that displays Slim Jim NFTs based on their rarities.

In addition, the NFTs will function as digital membership cards. Holders will have access to future online and IRL experiences, as well as other perks once the full initiative rolls out.

Slim Jim’s Web3 Entrance at Least a Year-Long Project

While Slim Jim’s entrance into Web3 may come as a surprise, the project has been in the works for over a year — with the first indications coming in March 2022. That was when its parent company filed three Web3 trademark applications for ‘Meataverse,’ ‘Long Boi Gang,’ and ‘Slim Jim.’

According to the information at that time, Slim Jim had planned to launch a virtual world called the ‘Meataverse’ and sell virtual food products. It is common for companies to file trademarks with ‘intent to use,’ meaning they aren’t simply protecting their brand in the Web3 space: They are planning to build something.

In an email with Rarity Sniper, a trademark attorney indicated that companies are still filing trademark applications for Web3, and many are finally registering. So, while the bear market has taken a toll on Web3 denizens, big companies still see potential in the metaverse, non-fungible tokens, and Web3 as a whole.

Rarity Sniper will keep an eye for any other companies entering the space or finally fulfilling the promise of their trademark applications with actual products. More and more might show up, a good sign for the space and a possible signal that momentum is starting to pick up.

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