Sniper Spotlight: Rocky Horror Show NFT Project

Credit: Rocky Horror Picture Show

It’s Halloween season, and there are few fun and engaging traditions during this spooky time than taking in a showing of the Rocky Horror Show. A cult classic that began as a movie in 1975, Rocky Horror has become synonymous with Halloween and is now being celebrated in Web3 with NFT collections.

We were lucky enough to chat with Clem Chambers, the CEO of Online Blockchain, the company behind the collections for an inside look on the mesh between Rocky Horror and Web3. Check it out below.

The following interview has been edited (very slightly) for clarity and concision.

First, thank you for taking the time to do this interview. This is a really great project, bringing the cultural legacy of The Rocky Horror Show into Web3. Could you identify yourself and explain the role you play on the team?

I’m Clem Chambers and I’m the CEO of Online Blockchain, which is the company behind The Rocky Horror Show NFTs. However, the story goes back to the early 80s when I was running one of the pioneering computer games companies of the time. The Rocky Horror Show came to us and wanted us to do a game. We were young and brave enough to say ‘hell yes’ and do it. I was 19 years old. I’ve worked with them on and off ever since. 

Could you explain the inspiration for bringing The Rocky Horror Show into Web3 and why it was important to do so?

It just needs to be a thing! I mean, can’t it be an NFT? It’s kind of what it’s all about. Rocky Horror is not just an icon or a striking image or a ticket to a metaverse, it’s all of that and it’s a key to a whole era that’s 50 years old now, and every year getting a little more Rocky Horror.

These legacy characters — Frank-N-Furter, Riff Raff, Magenta — they will now live forever in the next iteration of the internet. What do you hope Web3 natives and people outside of Web3 will get out of your collections?

A feeling of being first. That’s the trick in NFTs and for that matter crypto. It’s always about the ‘Bitcoin Pizza’.

These NFTs have the potential to introduce a whole new global cohort of Rocky Horror fans to the Web3 space and at the same time bring an exciting opportunity to introduce a legion of Web3 ‘Rocky virgins’ to the cultural phenomenon that is The Rocky Horror Show.

Half a century since its debut, the show continues to captivate, fascinate, and titillate audiences. We believe that now, in the Web3 space, this devoted fandom will evolve and flourish, creating an immersive and shared community experience. Those that are first to engage stand to gain the most.

For our audience who may not know, what is the relationship Rocky Horror has to Halloween?

The link is ‘Horror’, so Halloween is when there are guaranteed showings of this cult classic. It’s an extra special time for fans to celebrate and it has become a tradition for many to attend special screenings on and around Halloween.

The outlandish costumes, vibe, and interactive elements of the show make it a perfect fit for the festive spirit of Halloween. The Rocky Horror Show has become synonymous with Halloween celebrations and it is a time for people to indulge in their fandom further in real life and online.

And now you’ve decided to debut all these Rocky Horror NFT collections this holiday season. What are all the collections? Will they have utility in the future?

Rocky Horror is 50 years old; this is not a slash and burn. We will be making hyper rare collections and if collectors get stuck in, we will expand from there and build out the functionality the audience wants. Rocky is all about audience participation.

In terms of the Halloween-themed collection, there are four drops leading up to the 31st of October. Again, being early is key as there will only ever be 200 of these.

I’ve heard eventually you want to have a Rocky Horror metaverse experience. I’m sure it’s super top-secret (wink-wink) but do you want to share any details about that for RH fans?

We’ve been developing online projects since the 1990s! It’s always an organic process. Watch this space  The immersive and interactive nature of a metaverse would allow fans to engage with the show in unique ways, creating their own virtual Rocky Horror experiences.

The Rocky Horror Show is known as an LGBTQ classic, certainly different material than a lot of NFT collections out there. Is there a particular part about Web3 that grabbed you and made you think, “Yeah, we definitely have to bring RH into this space.”?

Frank-n-furter grabs you and you never forget it! 😊 To be real, it was a slap my forehead moment and I asked myself: “Why haven’t I done this already?”

The show’s all about freedom, non-conformity, pushing boundaries, and a celebration of individuality, sexual liberation and breaking societal norms. Web3 provides a platform where these ideals can be fully embraced.

What are your highest hopes for these collections — for you and the collectors?

That in 50 years it will be one of those pinnacle NFTs every billionaire must have in cold storage in a free port.

These collections also have the potential to connect fans from all corners of the world and expand the inclusivity and accessibility of The Rocky Horror Show.

Can you talk a little bit about your team: What is a typical day like at your company?

We are all WFH’ing and have been doing so since before it was a thing. So, it’s just a daily interaction on grinding out the minutia and living the vive virtuali. One day we can look forwards to doing this in a metaverse where fishnets are de rigueur!

Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions. Where can the Rarity Sniper audience find these collections or social media accounts?

Social media:

The Rocky Horror Show Halloween Drops

  • 200 NFTs featuring iconic characters from The Rocky Horror Show with a Halloween twist will be released throughout October.
  • There will be four drops in total: first 50 NFTs are priced at 0.0075 ETH (approximately $12).
  • Each NFT will feature one of the nine main characters from The Rocky Horror Show such as Frank-n-Furter, Riff Raff, Brad and Janet.
  • The NFTs will have unique traits, so no two will be the same.
  • Prices for the remaining 150 NFTs will progressively increase, and each drop will feature a different Halloween motif to increase rarity.
  • Collectors who acquire NFTs from all four drops will qualify for four free TimeWarp NFTs from the genesis collection.

The Rocky Horror Monaco Collection

  • Gallery showcasing physical representations of nine The Rocky Horror Show NFTs – runs until November 17th
  • Each of the unique artworks depicts a different character including Frank-N-Furter, Riff Raff, Janet and Brad. 
  • The art has been designed exclusively for the exhibition as part of the musical’s 50th anniversary celebrations. 
  • Each tangible artwork corresponds to a unique digital piece available for purchase on the NFT marketplace OpenSea. 
  • The physical artwork can only be accessed via the NFT.  
  • Each distinct piece is priced at 5 ETH (approximately $8,540), offers can be made.  

The limited-edition NFTs are available at different price points, allowing fans of all budgets to participate in this celebration.