Special Rocky Horror Picture Show NFTs to Drop This October

Credit: Online Blockchain

In a press release shared with Rarity Sniper, Online Blockchain announced that it is dropping a series of Rocky Horror Picture Show NFTs for this Halloween season. There will be a total of four drops, with the first beginning on October 9th for allowlist members, with each featuring the nine main characters from the cult classic production.

Clem Chambers, CEO of Online Blockchain, said in a statement that they wanted to create something truly special for Rocky Horror fans this Halloween and give those fans a chance to own a piece of the musical. The goal for Online Blockchain is to merge the worlds of digital art and Rocky Horror, so that fans can have an immersive experience that will allow them to grow closer to the cultural phenomenon.

Each drop will feature 50 NFTs and be launched through the OpenSea marketplace. The first batch of tokens will be priced at 0.0075 ETH or roughly $12, allowing for fans with all budgets to have a chance at snagging one. The price per token will rise with each successive drop, with Online Blockchain saying in the press release to pay attention to their social media channels for more information.

Among the nine main characters featured in the drops will be Frank-n-Furter, Riff Raff, Brad, and Janet. Each token will have unique traits so that no two NFTs are completely alike, and rarity of the non-fungible tokens will increase with each successive drop. In addition, each drop will feature a different Halloween motif, a surprise for eager collectors.

Collectors of the NFTs will automatically qualify for four free TimeWarp NFTs from the Genesis Collection. The Rocky Horror Picture Show initially made its debut in Web3 four months ago with the TimeWarp collection. At that time, Online Blockchain said the collection was a precursor to a Rocky Horror metaverse and that collectors of the Show’s NFTs wouldn’t be disappointed.

A Statement from Online Blockchain

Online Blockchain is an incubator and technology company based in the United Kingdom. Rarity Sniper reached out to it to ask about what it hopes fans of the musical and crypto enthusiasts will get out of the collection. This was its response:

“Halloween is a cherished time for fans to celebrate the timeless appeal of Rocky Horror and indulge in the unique extravagance of the characters and storyline. We hope that the NFTs, portraying the iconic characters with a Halloween theme, will resonate deeply with fans and provide an opportunity to own a digital collectible that embodies their adoration for the show.

These NFTs should become a way to showcase their fandom, connect with the rest of the Rocky Horror community and commemorate the Halloween spirit year-round. For crypto enthusiasts the release of Halloween-themed Rocky Horror Show NFTs highlights the versatility and creative potential of NFTs in the entertainment industry.

By blending the realms of digital art, blockchain technology and iconic pop culture, we expect these NFTs to capture the attention of the crypto community. They signify the expanding use cases for NFTs beyond traditional artwork, proving their value in commemorating cultural events and celebrating fandoms. 

The beguiling nature of Halloween blended with nostalgia and digital ownership encapsulates the unique experience that NFTs can offer.”

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