Spartan Launches ‘Unbreakable’ NFT Featuring IRL Perks

Credit: Spartan

Spartan, the company behind some of the toughest physical competitions in the world, has launched its ‘Unbreakable’ global membership NFT. The non-fungible token comes with several perks, including access to a variety of races, an annual conference, and the potential of immortalization in Ancient Greece. Here are all the details.

  • There will be 15,000 NFTs available for purchase, including 300 “Super Rares”
  • The Spartan team will enshrine the initial 15,000 holders in Ancient Greece
  • NFT holders will have access to an annual “Unbreakable” conference
  • The membership program includes the ability to join all Spartan brand events

According to the Spartan NFT website, there will be three separate opportunities for mint: One for whitelisted individuals paying with a credit card, another for whitelisted individuals paying with cryptocurrency, and finally a public sale. There are staggered price tiers, with whitelisted individuals paying less ($2,700) than those purchasing during the general sale ($3,000). Wallets can mint more than one NFT.

Although many organizations have tried to create NFTs with membership tiers, few have gone to the extent that Spartan has. One of the more interesting aspects to the Spartan NFT is the planned memorial set up in Ancient Sparta. There the team will enshrine the names of the 15,000 original Spartan NFT holders on rocks surrounding a statue. NFT holders, upon their deaths, will have the option of having their ashes buried with the rocks.

The Spartan NFT holders will also receive merch, with 50 percent of the proceeds from these drops going to charity. The Spartan team wrote that it chose to make the memberships as NFTs for three reasons, including that the technology has “exciting, untapped potential.”

Memberships Becoming a More Popular Way to Utilize NFTs

Although there are many ways to use NFTs, creating memberships with them is becoming more popular. And the reasons are many-fold. Holders of these memberships, unlike with traditional ones, can sell them on the open market, among other perks. Here are three stories where teams have used the nascent technology to create memberships.

First, there is Balmain. Earlier this week, the fashion house announced it had partnered with MINTNFT to drop a collection of NFTs representing membership tiers. The holders of the NFTs will receive a variety of rewards, including access to new NFT drops.

Second, there is VanEck. Five months ago, the global asset management firm shared that it would drop 1,000 NFTs to onboard new members into its organization. VanEck partnered with South Korean art agency NUMOMO to design the NFTs.

Third and finally, there is Dolce & Gabbana. Seven months ago, the luxury brand revealed it was partnering with UNXD for an NFT drop on the Polygon blockchain. The NFTs corresponded to membership tiers, with the members receiving digital, physical, and experiential rewards.

The Spartan NFT drop is a big deal, if for no other reason than it is one of the most well-done NFT membership drops out there. If it’s successful, it is hard to imagine more companies not following suit.