Starbucks Celebrates Baristas with The Green Apron NFT Set

Credit: Starbucks

Today, Starbucks is debuting the next phase of its Web3 loyalty program, “Starbucks Odyssey,” with a non-fungible token collection. The NFT set, called “The Green Apron,” will celebrate 50 years of the company’s baristas providing excellent service to coffee lovers all around the world.

The Green Apron will launch on NFT platform Nifty Gateway in two slots: 12 pm EST for Odyssey members and Starbucks employees with public access starting at 3 pm EST. There will be 5,000 NFTs total, with each costing $100 to mint. Like other Starbucks NFT drops, The Green Apron tokens will reside on Polygon, a Proof-of-Stake sidechain with minimal gas fees.

Depending on the popularity of the collection, the mint will be open for seven days or until the supply runs out. Starbucks will reveal the art for the set on 8 pm EST, August 3rd. Previous Starbucks NFT collections have sold out quickly, with its “Siren” NFTs minted in 20 minutes. The company has done other NFT drops focused on its history, including “The First Store” collection, which celebrated the opening of its first shop in Seattle in 1971.

The Green Apron is part of the larger “Starbucks Odyssey” Web3 rewards program, which gives participants non-fungible tokens for completing “Journeys,” or modules that present interesting portions of the company’s history. Odyssey members can earn points for completing journeys as well, which may result in IRL prizes, such as a trip to Costa Rica to visit the Starbucks coffee farm.

Rarity Sniper has reached out to Starbucks for comment about its The Green Apron collection and will update this article when it responds.

Starbucks Bullish on Web3

Ever since the launch of its Web3 rewards program, Starbucks has steadily built in this nascent technology space. It has dropped NFT collections and even joined up with one of Web3’s best cross-over projects. Here are three of our best stories involving Starbucks and Web3.

First, three weeks ago, Starbucks joined Micah Johnson’s Akutars NFT collection. Through the deal, the company will launch a special journey involving the Akutars ‘Aku’ mascot, wherein members of the Web3 loyalty program will “embark on a mission with Aku.” The collaboration is a big win for the space.

Next, five months ago, Starbucks tabbed its Siren logo for its first premium NFT collection, aptly titled “The Siren Collection.” Like today’s collection, The Siren Collection debuted at $100 per NFT, although the set was slightly smaller: just 2,000 NFTs compared to today’s 5,000. There are five different versions of The Siren NFT, which correspond to five Siren expressions.

Lastly, eight months ago, Starbucks officially opened its Web3 loyalty program for beta testing. The company revealed further details of the program as well, such as the infamous “Journeys” and “Stamps,” which are Starbucks’ word for its digital collectibles. In addition, the company shared some of the rewards for participants, including IRL experiences and access to merchandise.

As today’s and the above stories show, Starbucks is bullish on Web3, to the point where it is dropping more collections and continuing its loyalty program. Time will tell if they are successful, but given the size of the company and its reach, Rarity Sniper is thinking that it will be.