Tom Brady NFT from Dapper Labs Sells for $40,000

Credit: Getty Images

One thing that was absent from the action-packed Super Bowl game this Sunday was crypto ads. Companies like Coinbase and that ran commercials in previous years look like they weren’t willing to fork out the millions it takes for a couple of seconds of airtime on the most-watched sporting event in the United States.

But that didn’t stop Dapper Labs from selling a Tom Brady NFT from its NFL All Day collection for the sweet price tag of $40,712. The Brady NFT features video of five touchdown passes he threw when playing for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2021.

Another NFT of San Francisco’s Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana sold for $34,000 ahead of Sunday’s big game. The NFT shows a video of Montana’s legendary pass to 49ers receiver Dwight Clark in 1982 to win the NFC championship. It is known as “The Catch,” and is considered the signature play in the team’s history. An Aaron Rodgers NFT also sold for $34,000.

Dapper Labs hired Joe Montana and John Elway, two of the league’s most famous quarterbacks, to promote the NFT collection. Perhaps unsurprisingly, all of the big sales were of top quarterbacks. Now that Patrick Mahomes just snagged his third Super Bowl ring with another stellar performance, NFTs of the Kansas City quarterback could fetch high prices as well.

While the NFL’s All Day NFT collection hasn’t reached the same levels as NBA Top Shot highlight reel NFTs, the recent big sales has given the collection a major boost. Currently, the average price of an All Day NFT is around $33, as per data from CryptoSlam. The NFTs tend to sell more during Sunday game days, and of course, this Sunday was the biggest game day of all.

Dapper Labs Continues to Grow

When Dapper Labs launched CryptoKitties back in December 2017, the popularity of the blockchain-based game nearly crashed the Ethereum blockchain. As a result, the company launched the Flow blockchain to circumvent the high gas fees and slow speeds that were causing problems on Ethereum.

Today, the Flow blockchain is used for Dapper Lab projects and collaborations, which happen to be with some of the biggest sports leagues in the world — including the NFL, NBA, and UFC. Although the Vancouver-based company doesn’t make the news as much as some of its competitors, it has continued to build during the past few years. Here are some of the top headlines from Dapper Labs:

Although $FLOW, the native cryptocurrency from Dapper Labs remains down significantly from its all-time-high of $42.40 per coin, the continued growth of Dapper projects like the NFL All Day Collection and NBA Top Shot could help return the blockchain to its glory days. At Rarity Sniper, we’ll be paying close attention to Dapper Labs and its many exciting projects.