Topps to Launch NFTs for MLB All-Star Week

Credit: Topps

The Topps Company Inc., a division of Fanatics Collectibles, recently announced several Web3 initiatives centered around the MLB All-Star Week 2022, which begins this Saturday and culminates on Tuesday. To celebrate the event, Topps is launching an MLB All-Star Game non-fungible token (NFT) collection and other Web3 games and initiatives.

Some of those initiatives include on-site exclusive MLB All-Star giveaways, limited-edition prizes to users of the Topps BUNT MLB Card Trader app, and post-event collection challenges that incorporate the results for the All-Star Game and Home Run Derby.

The All-Star game, as well as the All-Star Futures Game and Home Run Derby, will be played at Los Angeles’ Dodger Stadium on Tuesday, July 19th, 2022. Here is some more information about the NFT collection from Topps:

  • The NFTs will contain California-inspired themes: the beach, stars, palm trees, and retro wave designs
  • The NFTs range in rarity from Uncommon to Legendary
  • The players that were voted for in the first round of the All-Star fan voting will be featured

Interactive games involving digital collectibles will also be available on the Topps Bunt MLB Card Trader app. Users can receive a special Topps BUNT digital collectible pack along with several physical prizes like commemorative pins and posters. And for fans who attend the event, Topps is giving away free 2022 Topps MLB All-Star Game Event NFTs on July 16th at the Topps Booth at the Capital One Play Ball Park.

MLB Slides Headfirst into Web3

Because NFTs and the metaverse enable new ways for businesses and superstars to connect with fans and for companies like Topps to reimagine sports collectibles, sports keagues have been at the forefront of many Web3 and blockchain-based projects this year. And while the National Basketball Association (NBA) might be leading the push, the MLB is not far behind.

In April, Rarity Sniper reported that the MLB was launching its ICON Leadoff NFT collection during the 2022 MLB season. Like the MLB’s 2021 ICON NFTs, this 2022 NFT series is available on the Ethereum-based platform Candy Digital.

Two months ago, we reported that the MLB had teamed up with Sorare to create an NFT-based fantasy baseball title. The game will feature NFT trading cards corresponding to IRL athletes. Although no date for its release has been set, it’s expected to go live sometime later this summer.

And the league isn’t the only entity in baseball bullish on NFTs. Individual teams are dipping their toes in the Web3 spaces as well. Earlier in the year, the Seattle Mariners launched an NFT collection called the Seattle Steelhead NFTs, and the Chicago Cubs announced a Web3 partnership with Valence to bring its stadium to the metaverse.

We’ll have to wait and see how the MLB’s Web3 initiatives play out over the All-Star game weekend. But one thing is for sure: Baseball is bullish on NFTs and Web3.