Twitter Launches NFT Profile Picture Verification Feature

Credit: Wired

In breaking NFT news, Twitter has launched a verification mechanism for non-fungible token profile pictures. While that might sound like gibberish to some, for NFT collectors, creators and fans, it’s exciting news.

Although NFTs are verifiable digital assets that are securely stored on blockchains, critics often question their real ownership value. That’s because it’s always been possible for anyone to right click a digital image and copy and paste an NFT to use it for themselves.

Thanks to Twitter’s new innovative profile picture verification feature, that sort of activity (which has always been frowned upon by the NFT community) has become more difficult.

Here’s what we know for sure about Twitter’s new profile picture verification feature:

  • The service is currently only available to iOS users who subscribe to Twitter Blue, which costs $2.99 a month and includes other features. In the future, it will likely be available to more users.
  • Users can connect the crypto wallets Metamask, Coinbase or Rainbow to their Twitter account to verify any Ethereum-based NFTs. Eventually Twitter hopes to integrate NFTs from other blockchains.
  • The NFTs are verified through the leading NFT marketplace OpenSea.
  • When your NFT is verified, you get a new hexagonal border that encloses your profile picture. Someone trying to “steal” your NFT by right clicking will be left with the classic circle around the profile picture.
  • When someone clicks on your NFT, more information about the art and collection will be displayed.

Although former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey wasn’t a big fan of NFTs, Twitter has become a pivotal platform for crypto and NFT enthusiasts. They are clearly paying attention to the needs of those communities and making fast moves to accommodate them.

The new security feature also signals a transition towards Web 3.0, where the internet runs on blockchains and is tied into crypto wallets that allow digital assets to be traded, bought, sold, and in this case, verified.

But for time being, the celebrities like Steve Aoki and athletes who’ve spent hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars on NFT profile pictures, will likely appreciate the added layer of protection from Twitter.

And one thing is certain. Now Facebook isn’t the only social media giant going hard in the NFT space.