UXLINK SocialFi Platform Airdrops NFTs to Over 500K Users

Credit: UXLINK

The leading Web3 SocialFi platform UXLINK has airdropped a series of NFTs to over 500,000 loyal users, its largest airdrop to date. The collection is named “In UXLINK We Trust” and comes in four categories: MOON, TRUST, FRENS, and LINK.

UXLINK has 5.4 million registered users, about 10% of which were expected to receive NFTs from the airdrop. To be eligible, users had to meet certain criteria, including holding assets in their UXWallet, inviting friends to join the community, and performing on-chain interactions before May 3rd.

Holders of “In UXLINK We Trust” NFTs will receive voting rights in the community, access to the native token Season 1 airdrop, whitelisting for Season 2 and Season 3 airdrops, and access to joint airdrops from UXLINK eco-projects and Airdrop2049 projects. Users have until February 16th to claim their rewards.

UXLINK is a social infrastructure consisting of dApps and social protocols that aims to foster real-world two-way relationships between users. It launched in April 2023 and gained 3.5 million users in its first 10 months, most of whom are based in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa, and South Asia. It currently has over 180,000 on-chain users and 800,000 dApp users.

The platform also offers AI empowered tools for community building, crypto trading, social asset creation, and the chance to earn its native utility token $UXLINK. According to its roadmap, it aims to have 10 million users by the second quarter of 2024. If it’s able to do so, it could be on its way to becoming the dominant social platform of the Web3 era.

Airdrops Prove Useful for Top Companies & Platforms

UXLINKs airdrop might be one of the biggest of 2024, but it’s not the only platform to give loyal users useful and potentially valuable airdrops. At Rarity Sniper, we’ve covered several articles about companies and platforms rewarding their users with airdrops. Here are three recent stories.

First, in February 2024, Optimism launched its fourth token airdrop to reward Web3 creators on the blockchain. 10.3 million $OP tokens with an estimated value of $41 million were distributed to around 23,000 unique addresses. The most an individual creator could receive was almost $22,000, based on the price of the token at the time of the drop.

Next, in April 2023, Nike launched 106,454 free Our Force posters to its Web3 community. The posters were themed around Nike’s classic Air Force 1 sneakers that were released in 1982. They were voted on by the .SWOOSH community and included four categories: Heritage, Cultural, Innovation, and Regional.

Finally, in February 2023, Blur marketplace airdropped its $BLUR governance token to traders on its platform. The token was airdropped to Ethereum traders who used a competing marketplace in the six months before Blur’s launch, users who listed an NFT for sale, and users who bid on an NFT before the airdrop.

Airdrops are a fundamental component of Web3, and one that usually gets communities excited. We’ll have to be patient to see what sort of effect the “In UXLINK We Trust” NFTs have on the rising Web3 social platform in the long run, but for now, loyal users benefiting from the airdrop have reason to celebrate.