Vendetta Games Successfully Closes Web3 Game Alpha Mode

Credit: Vendetta Games

If you’re into shooters, you likely play Fortnite, Call of Duty, or other action titles that have reached hundreds of millions if not billions of users. But one shooter — a Western-themed game — is starting to make waves, and it has a nice Web3 twist.

The game is called Chalk River, and it has been produced by Vendetta Games, a new kid on the block. Like many games, it features characters that are in combat — shooting and jumping and taking bullets with small indicators of damage and where the shot has come from. But that’s where the similarities end.

Chalk River is a new kind of game: a shooter with an open world context, what some might call a metaverse. Players fight, that is true, but the environment is a tapestry of towns and cowboys who double as bounty hunters. And the game has all the trademarks of a Web3 title: digital collectibles in the form of non-fungible token, a soon-to-be launched token for transactions, and a world where players will be able to eventually own land.

It is The Sandbox meets Red Dead Redemption, a world where players can build their own games and at the same time battle each other with weapons. To create this effect, Vendetta Games built Chalk River on the Elysium blockchain, which is carbon neutral. In addition, there will be an AI-generated story mode that players can take part in if they decide to eschew the Web3 aspects of the game.

In a statement shared with Rarity Sniper, Vendetta Games CEO Alex McConnell said, “Those who would rather just enjoy the rich story, the characters and the betrayals throughout the Chalk River journey, will be able to do so without buying our cryptocurrency token or NFTs.” The goal for Vendetta Games is to create a title that doesn’t penalize gamers for not participating in the Web3 aspects, a tactic many companies are turning to.

Although it’s not exactly a worldwide success yet, Chalk River has found an audience and closed its alpha mode with over 2,000 players. Up next is the launch of the token and a full launch of the game to the public, another in a list of Web3 games that are making waves this year and into the next.

Web3 Games Make Waves

Web3 gaming has been on a hot streak in the past month, bucking trends in the wider NFT and crypto markets. The news has constantly rolled in — companies releasing new titles, those titles mooning in terms of users, and gaming companies raising tons of money. It appears like a new dawn may be upon us, with Web3 gaming leading the push.

Here is a sampling of the stories from that sector of that industry in the past month:

As these stories show, Web3 gaming is making a lot of noise right now, and for good reason. With the play-to-earn game meta falling out of favor, many companies are choosing to create great titles that are fun to play, rather than emphasizing the Web3 aspects. That seems to be working, a bullish sign for the space and one that may carry on into the years to come.