Warner Music Group Releases “Rhythm City” Roblox Metaverse

Credit: Warner Music Group & Roblox

Warner Music Group (WMG), the record production and global entertainment company, is collaborating with Gamefam for a new activation in the Roblox metaverse centered around music and gaming.

“Rhythm City” will blend gaming and music in a 3D experience, offering users a music-themed social role-play experience, including mini-music challenges and virtual concerts. It is part of WMGs overall strategy to create news forms of engagement for musicians and fans in Web3.

Gamefam has the largest network of games on Roblox with over 25 million daily game sessions, and more than 115 million hours of monthly engagement by users. WMG is hoping to tap Gamefam’s experience and huge user base on Roblox to onboard fans.

Founder and CEO of Gamefam, Joe Ferencz, said the company was excited to combine their passions of building authentic metaverse experiences and their love of music. He added that the two companies will work together to create “a new community for music lovers” in Roblox.

Oana Ruxandra , the Chief Digital Officer & EVP of Business Development at WMG, said the company was aiming to facilitate new experiences across “evolving ecosystems.” And that Rhythm City would be a place for musicians and fans to unite and create and recreate communities in virtual spaces.

WMG has been active on Roblox for some time now. It has brought several artists onto the blockchain-based gaming platform, including David Guetta, Twenty-One Pilots, Ava Max, Royal Blood, and Why Don’t We.

WMG Continues to Advance in Web3

The move to partner with Gamefam for a new activation in Roblox could be WMG’s biggest move yet in Web3. But it’s not its first. At Rarity Sniper, we’ve written several articles about the global record and entertainment company in Web3. Here are the top stories.

First, about a year ago, WMG partnered with blockchain-based gaming giant Splinterlands to empower WMG artists to create arcade-style play-to-earn games. One of the goals of the collaboration was to explore additional income streams for artists.

Next, about two months ago, WMG announced it had partnered with Web3 company DressX to create NFT merchandise and digital wearables. DressX is currently the largest platform for digital clothes, and part of WMG’s Web3 strategy moving forward.

Lastly, in January 2023, WMG partnered with Polygon to launch an NFT music platform called LGND. The new platform has already onboarded its first record label: electronic dance music focused Spinnin’ Records.

WMG appears to be picking up momentum in Web3, and its latest partnership and Roblox activation is another big step forward. It will take some time to see if Rhythm City is popular with Roblox users. But it certainly signals the WMG is still bullish on Web3.