WAX Drops Web3 Wrestling Game on Epic Games Store

Credit: Brawlers Blockchain

Worldwide Asset Exchange (WAX), a Web3 gaming ecosystem, just announced the release of its latest game ‘Blockchain Brawlers‘ on the Epic Games Store (EGS).

Blockchain Brawlers is a Player-vs-Player (PVP) card game that was co-designed by Richard Garfield, a famous mathematician known for creating the cultural phenomenon ‘Magic: The Gathering.‘

Brawlers is now available to over 230 million PC gamers worldwide, and EGS’s over 35 million daily and 70 million active users makes the new Brawlers game a huge win for WAX and Web3 gaming as a whole.

Brawlers is the first game from Tyranno Studios, WAX’s dedicated gaming studio. The studio is led by Michael Rubinelli, who boasts 25 years of experience in the industry with stints at Disney, Electronic Arts, THQ, and Playdom.

According to Rubinelli, the launch of Brawlers on EGS will encourage the “mass adoption of Web3” by bringing all the advantages of “full digital asset owner to millions of hardcore PC gamers.” He added that he thinks the launch “further accelerates the paradigm shift in gaming as a whole, bringing blockchain-powered fairness, inclusivity, and player-centric approach even closer to the mainstream audience.”

With Brawlers, players can compete in pro-wrestling-style matches for the chance to earn $BRWL tokens, the game’s native cryptocurrency. The tokens can be utilized to enhance the items in the game, which are NFTs that can be sold, traded, or gifted between players.

The game’s co-designer Garfield said the game will open an array of opportunities for “developers to build successful Web3 games with living and breathing economies where each player is a full-fledged participant.”

Worth noting, the game features unique, limited-edition NFTs that are interoperable with other blockchains via NFT bridges to Ethereum, BNB Chain, and Polygon. Also, players who wish to try it out without cracking open their pocketbooks will receive a set of “Free-to-Try” assets upon downloading the game.

In the past, WAX has teamed up with top brands, including NASCAR, Street Fighter, Atari, Hot Wheels, Power Rangers, and others to help launch Web3 initiatives and games. According to Dappradar.com, it is the number one blockchain as far as number of users and transactions.

WAX Is Quietly Becoming the King of Web3 Gaming Blockchains

The news of Blockchain Brawlers release on the Epic Games Store is huge for WAX and its mission to bring NFTs to the masses through a secure, environmentally friendly, and easy-to-use marketplace. And though we haven’t covered stories about WAX nearly as much as some of the other popular blockchains out there for NFTs, like Ethereum Polygon, we do have a few to share.

Here are the two top stories — one new and one old — from the proof-of-stake Web3 gaming blockchain that we’ve reported at Rarity Sniper:

First, three days ago, DappRadar released a report titled the “State of Blockchain Gaming in Q3 2023.” The report highlighting the ongoing investments from venture capitalists in Web3 gaming, and noted there was a recent surge in users on classic titles like Gods Unchained and Axie Infinity. But what was also noted was that WAX was the leading blockchain for Web3 gaming, and WAX’s game ‘Alien Worlds,‘ was the most played game and dominated trading volume.

Next, about two years ago, attendees of the 2022 Daytona 500 were eligible to receive a free NASCAR NFT using WAX’s NFT platform. The event attracted 25,000 fans, who all received emails for NASCAR’s NFT giveaway — an early move from the blockchain that likely onboarded thousands of fans into Web3.

Although WAX often flies under the radar, when it comes to Web3 gaming, it’s starting to look like the blockchain to beat. Time will tell if its latest release, Blockchain Brawlers, is popular with fans. But there’s no doubt it will get the exposure it deserves on the Epic Games Store, and having a co-designer with a reputation like Richard Garfield certainly can’t hurt.

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