‘Wolf of Wall Street’ Makes NFT Debut

Credit: Wolf of Wall Street

Red Granite Pictures, the production company behind Dumb and Dumber To and Friends with Kids, is entering Web3 with a new non-fungible token collection: a set of NFTs based on the 2013 smash-hit The Wolf of Wall Street.

The NFTs will tie directly to scenes from the film, with holders able to take part in a variety of in-real-life rewards, such as meet-ups, the voting on themes for Wolf fan fiction stories, and even the ability to purchase props and costumes from the movie. In addition, the non-fungible tokens will unlock exclusive content, including never-before-seen clips from the making of the film.

The company is launching the collection to protect its Wolf intellectual property (IP). While the movie is popular on the internet — with enterprising individuals even selling merchandise based on the movie — Red Granite Pictures doesn’t see a dime. The NFT collection, therefore, is a way for the production company to monetize that IP.

The project has a charitable component as well: Proceeds from the NFT sale will go to a series of groups that specialize in film restoration, help with the development of young filmmakers, support women and minorities on Wall Street, and teach financial literacy.

The NFTs will drop in Q2 of 2023 for the mint price of around $100 per non-fungible token.

Red Granite Partners with Aventus for Wolf NFT Drop

To launch the Wolf NFT collection, Red Granite has partnered the Aventus, a decades-old enterprise leadership company that now onboards businesses into Web3. Aventus has its own carbon neutral network that runs on Polkadot, a blockchain platform that supports the cross-chain transferring of crypto assets. That is where the NFTs will be stored.

Because the assets will be hosted on a Polkadot parachain, holders will be able to take advantage of the platform’s functionality — including compatibility with more than 50 blockchains, such as Ethereum. Owners of the Wolf NFTs may be able to leverage the ecosystem, which allows for more complex use cases of non-fungible tokens.

Alan Vey, the founder and CEO of Aventus, told Rarity Sniper, “The aim of The Wolf of Wall Street NFT Experience is to take a film that has become a cornerstone of crypto culture and democratize ownership of it. Anyone who wants to can own a piece of this project and even have a say in its future direction in Web3.”

The Wolf of Wall Street Inspires NFT Collections

If you follow the Web3 space and the subject matter behind this Wolf NFT collection feels like déjà vu, you’re not mistaken. The film that grossed over $400 million worldwide has spawned Web3 projects from heavy-hitters and relatively anonymous teams. One of those founders was Jordan Belfort — the Wolf himself.

In 2021, Belfort entered the cryptocurrency industry at the height of NFT mania. He first purchased a CryptoPunk, the usual move celebrities do before launching an NFT collection. Then, after explaining he had a change of heart about the nascent technology sphere (he had criticized it immensely years prior), he debuted his collection.

The film also inspired an NFT collection called “Wolf of Wall Street” from LFGSwap, a decentralized exchange. Although the set never caught on in the NFT landscape, it was not without a little innovation: LFGSwap introduced a $WOW token to back the collection and provide more utility to holders.

All told, The Wolf of Wall Street has inspired numerous projects in Web3, as teams seek to capitalize on the internet culture surrounding the film and its endless meme-worthy moments. If Red Granite’s NFT collection is successful, perhaps we will see an end to that as the production company defends its IP in the space. Rarity Sniper will certainly be here to report back if it does.

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