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The Phanta Bear NFT Collection

The Phanta Bears NFT collection is a collection of 10,000 bears. The release of these multicolored bear NFTs occurred on the Ethereum blockchain on January 1, 2022.

Only 40 minutes after mint, the collection sold out, and those who want an NFT must now resort to purchasing it on secondary marketplaces like OpenSea and Rarible. Only a week after its launch, the collection surpassed 1,729 sales as of January 6, owing mainly to Jay Chou's celebrity, who was gifted an NFT from the collection.

At the time of writing, the overall worth of the collection exceeds 62 million RMB, which is around $9,800,000.

Phanta Bear NFT Collection: A Brief History

The Introduction

Every day it looks like a new NFT project is "mooning" in 2022. Since the beginning of the year, a large inflow of NFT trading volume has saturated the NFT market, with new initiatives sprouting up constantly. Phanta Bear NFT, which was available to mint at a price of .26 ETH, presently holds the current floor price of 6 ETH.

Jay Chou, an Asian pop musician, who was successful with his first NFT collection at a Sotheby's auction in 2021 purportedly endorsed the project and was gifted an NFT from the fashion label Phatanci and blockchain entertainment platform Ezek. The Phanta Bears NFT collection was minted on the Ethereum blockchain.

Each Phanta Bear has characteristics that grant its owner varied levels of access and benefits. Your bear, like other NFTs, serves as your Fantasy Membership card, giving you access to members-only privileges. One of these perks allows Fantasy cardholders to progress in the Ezek Metaverse entertainment universe.

The Founder

PHANTACi, a fashion company co-founded by Asian pop singer Jay Chou, and Ezek, a blockchain entertainment platform, created the Phanta Bear NFT line.

The collection's creators have backgrounds in music, filmmaking, serial business, and energy economics and go by the identities "Will I," "Mark G," and "Ed Ow."

The Launch

The virtual multicolored bear's project was launched on January 1, 2022 and within forty minutes of the release of Phanta bear, the sale of all 10,000 NFTs was complete. The mint price per NFT was 0.26 ETH. The man behind the NFT collection, Jay Chou, expressed his delight at how quickly the virtual bears sold out.

The Hidden Art

Phanta Bears, like BAYC, Crypto Punks, VeeFriends, and all other significant NFT Collections, offer different token qualities. As a result, no two virtual bears are alike, and each Phanta Bear has its distinct personality.

Each bear has stylish items, jewelry, and personality qualities. Some virtual bears are more difficult to find than others and their rarity means they usually sell at a higher cost.

Phanta Bear NFT Collection: The RoadMap

While not every NFT project needs a roadmap, the most successful generatve NFT projects all have one. Whether it's the BAYC NFT or Cryptopunks, they all have a well-defined roadmap that educates NFT owners about the project and future goals.

The Phanta Bears roadmap can be accessed on the project's official website. According to the plan, Ezek, the blockchain entertainment firm behind the Phanta Bear line, will release more celebrity NFTs, develop a technology relationship with a top high-tech brand, and present the alliance to the world at CES 2022.

The Launch of Ezek Virtual Concern is in the second quarter of 2022. The event will be free to everyone who possesses a Phanta Bear NFT. The owners' virtual bear will serve as a concert ticket/pass. The NFT collection also allows holders to purchase virtual plots in Ezek's Metaverse.

Phanta Bear NFT Collection: The Perks

Phanta Bears, like the majority of NFT collections these days, come with useful features that make them an appealing buy for NFT collectors. Here are some of the perks holders of Phanta Bear NFTs enjoy:

  • Each bear serves as a "key," allowing owners to access different degrees of rewards and have attractive visual attributes.
  • Phanta Bears owners can enter Ezek's Metaverse, which provides collectors with a more immersive digital universe.
  • Each bear functions as an "Ezek membership card," granting owners access to privileges reserved for community members only.

As the roadmap progresses, more utility for Phanta Bear holders will be added.

Phanta Bear NFT Collection: The Growth

The Floor Price

Phanta Bear's current price floor is 0.553 ETH, with a 24-hour trading volume of 11.019 ETH and 19 sales. Phanta Bear's price floor has increased by 0.55 percent in the previous 24 hours (at time of writing). The 7D average sale price is 0.63 ETH, with 5.00 ETH being the highest and 0.31 ETH the lowest. The project is presently ranked #82 on NFT Price Floor. It has an 8.39 percent listed ratio and a maximum supply of 10,000 units.

The Price Prediction

With the release of PhantaBear NFT on January 1, 2022, there still isn't enough information to evaluate this digital collectible asset's technical and fundamental aspects over the long term. But despite the lack of high-quality quantitative data, factors such as the King of Mandipo, AKA Jay Chow, endorsing Phanta Bear NFT could mean the future is bright for this digital asset. Experienced investors are also interested in the Matrix World Metaverse ambitions that Phanta Bear NFT has outlined in its Road Map.

Finally, analysts are enthusiastic about Phanta Bear NFT as a long-term investment choice, given the excitement among community members around the token and the viral expansion of the Ezek Discord server.

Phanta Bear NFT Collection: The Future

Recently, Non-Fungible Tokens have been all the rage and the Phanta Bear NFT collection is one of 2022's most successful NFT initiatives. Although NFT costs in general have declined with the bear market recently, the demand for quality NFTs is unlikely to slow down.

The NFT business will experience massive development as more investors discover the value of digital artworks stored on the blockchain. Access to virtual concerts and the opportunity to purchase a virtual plot in the Metaverse are two of the services provided by Phantbear that bring utility to holders.

Phanta Bear NFT Collection: The Conclusion

With a quick sell out and a celebrity endorsement from Jay Chou, the Phanta Bears NFT collection should be able to remain relevant for some time to come. Of course, that will also depend on whether the collection's creators demonstrate that the bears' utilities can deliver pleasurable and significant advantages to members of the community.

Phanta Bear NFT is a well-known NFT to emerge from Asia, with excellent Metaverse goals and celebrity support.This makes PhantaBear NFT collection a prospective and desirable NFT collectible for many investors.

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