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Shiba Social Club NFT Collection

The Shiba Social Club is a community project of 7,777 digital NFT collectibles for the wealthy generation investing in NFT projects. It is one of the strongest community projects around NFTs in terms of the number of members on its discord channel.

One appealing element of the Shiba Social Club collection is that the artwork in the collection is hand-drawn. The members of the Shiba Social Club are called the "Elite Members," and the collection owners of this project receive various benefits within the NFT metaverse.

The Shiba Social Club official collection was launched in October 2021, with an initial minting price of 0.05 ETH. The digital collectibles of this project were sold quickly after the first public launch in October 2021. Although the Shiba Social Club NFTs entered the NFT world at a low minting price, the selling price of the NFTs increased within a week after mint.

The rarity index of this project is high and is considered the major reason behind its strong sales after the public minting. It uses the name of the Social Club because of the diverse and dynamic community consisting of over 230K members on its discord channel.

Disclosing The History of Shiba Social Club

Team Behind the Project Idea

Four dynamic artists and team players are behind each high-quality piece of the Shiba Social Club’s official collection. The founding artists have years of experience in the digital artwork and illustration sectors.

Together they have formed this dynamic community project where the artwork of every piece of art is hand-drawn, giving it one of the highest rarity indexes in the community around NFTs. The artists of the project have kept the traits different for every piece of art.

The project description states that the artists have used as many as 200 different traits to create 7,777 digital collectibles of Shiba Social Club. The founding team is working continuously on this dynamic project to create more opportunities for its NFT holders in the metaverse.

Roadmap Of Shiba Social Club Official Collection

The first drop of Shiba Social Club occurred in early October 2021, and the public minting price was set at 0.05 ETH. The roadmap defines the Shiba Social characters as the bad guys who are going to take over the metaverse and establish the strongest community in the NFT world.

Every piece of the Shiba Social Club is distinct and drawn by hand, adding rarity to the NFT project. There is a combination of more than 200 traits in the artwork of the Shiba Social Club collection. Some of those traits include:

  • Angle Circle Gold Chain
  • Apple Gold
  • Cuban Gold Diamond
  • Cuban Spike Gold
  • Gold Bullet
  • Gold Bar
  • Gold Beat
  • Gold Glasses
  • Gold Bone
  • Lock Chain Gold
  • Robotic Gold Green
  • Gold Sunglasses

These traits form the high rarity index of the Shiba Social Club. Apart from the common tokens of this project, there are a few legendary Shiba Social Club tokens that are the most unique and rare in the whole Shiba Social Club official collection. The legendary tokens are more valuable than the common NFTs, and the legendary holders enjoy more benefits within the community.

The holders of this NFT project will get immediate membership in the discord community, which boasts more than 230K members. Furthermore, the members of this project have access to other social media channels like Twitter and Instagram.

The collection owners of Shiba Social Club will also have access to the limited merchandise offered by the developers of the project. Furthermore, those holders who hold the token of Shiba Social Club for over a month will be provided an in real-life (IRL) canvas painting of their Shiba Social Club piece of art.

Furthermore, the developers of the Shiba Social Club have planned to create a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) in the tokenized form of a smart contract. The DAO of Shiba Social Club will create a launchpad of $100K. The holders of the Shiba Social Club will come up with unique ideas regarding the DAO, and the winner will get a raffle prize.

Phase 2: Baby Shiba Social Club

The developers of the Shiba Social Club have increased the presence of this project in the NFT world by introducing the Baby Shiba Social Club. The Baby Shiba Social Club is another way to step inside the world of the Shiba Social Club. There are 5,000 digital collectibles of the Baby Shiba Social Club.

The mint price for each piece of art from the Baby Shiba Social Club is 0.02 ETH. The holders of the Baby Shiba Social Club will have access to the same benefits as the collection owners of the Shiba Social Club. Moreover, they will also have access to the discord channel and other social media platforms of the NFT project.

Market Statistics of Shiba Social Club

The Shiba Social Club was launched on October 7th, 2021 and sold out within a few days after the public minting. The initial minting price of the Shiba Social Club was set at 0.05 ETH. With the increase in sales volume, the floor price of the Shiba Social Club increased, and the highest price recorded was 0.7 ETH.

The total volume of trade to date is 6.9K ETH. However, the NFT market has been on a bear trend recently, and consequently, the floor price of this project has declined. The current floor price of Shiba Social Club stands at 0.065 ETH. Even though the price has fallen, the team behind the project is working hard to provide utility to holders and bring the floor price back up.

Predicting The Future of Shiba Social Club

Despite the project seeing a downward trend over the past few months, a significant improvement in trading volume has been witnessed after the launch of 5,000 NFTs of the Baby Shiba Social Club.

Also, the project has managed to create a diverse community of more than 230K members. That makes it the strongest community for any NFT project on Discord, and community engagement is what is keeping this project on track.

The developers of the Shiba Social Club are continuously engaging the community by offering play-to-earn contests and other experiences and rewards. Time will tell how the Shiba Social Club NFT collection evolves, but if the size of their community is any indication, the project could certainly rebound.

Final Verdict

Shiba Social Club is an NFT project in its growing stages. The developers are introducing new features and are broadening the NFT community of the Shiba Social Club to boost the sales volume. With such committed developers, great art, and a vibrant community, investors are optimistic regarding the Shiba Social Club collection.

Rarity Ranking

Shiba Social Club

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