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Franky Aguilar, AKA FrankyNines, a Latin-American artist and NFT entrepreneur, debuted and sold out his new NFT art collection named "Sup Ducks," which has 10,000 uniquely quirky 90's-themed cartoon duck NFTs.

SupDucks debuted on the NFT scene in July 2021, taking inspiration from the likes of the Bored Ape Yacht Club. Supducks is steadily gaining traction among the profile image NFT initiatives, thanks to its unique and sophisticated focus on generating hand-drawn art and translating it to the blockchain.

The collection was successful within 48 hours of its July 16th debut. The initial price of SupDucks was between 0.1 and 0.7 ETH for each piece. Since then, its value has soared, with some pieces fetching hundreds of thousands of dollars on the secondary market.

SupDucks NFT Collection: A Brief History

The Introduction

Supducks NFT is a collection of 10,000 hand-drawn ducks, each unique and created programmatically using 154 attributes. These ducks have carved themselves a distinct niche in the NFT arena with hand-drawn design and a strong emphasis on “art.”

This digital collectible of 90s theme punk cartoons (punk Ducks if you will), created by FrankyNines — Franky Aguilar — has gained much attention from NFT fans. The inaugural NFT art collection sold out in less than 48 hours.

It focuses on presenting a creative approach to non-fungible tokens that people can be pleased to own. The Supducks have had their ups and downs since their introduction. However, this hasn't stopped the community from banding together to create additional branding-based products.

"They're doing everything properly," one admirer said. Many NFTs are essentially vanity tokens on the blockchain, with no idea how much money can collect through branding. Supducks, on the other hand, have the proper notion. Cade Bergman, a YouTuber and NFT devotee, says, "They focus entirely on branding — including owning a good performing YouTube Channel."

"Roadmaps are unnecessary." Cade explained, observing that the ducks seem more content with moment-to-moment accomplishment than building buzz about something they haven't done yet. "We're huge believers in surprises and conjuring up some entertaining stuff," the makers of SupDuck said on Discord.

It's a means to include solely people serious about the NFT sector, and based on the expansion of SupDucks, it appears to be working. It goes against the grain of most NFTs.

The Founder

Fans quickly understood that the July 2021 SupDucks release was not the first but rather a reboot. The disclosure of the first Ducks via the Edition IOS app in 2019 occurred at some point. The doodle qualities of these NFTs sparked an interest.

The buzz inspired FrankyNines to release SupDucks in July 2021. In addition to SupDucks, Frank Aguilar is the co-founder of Nameless, an NFT minting platform that helps businesses and brands create and manage their NFT initiatives.

FrankyNines was an artist before becoming an entrepreneur. As a result, he and his NFT "specialists," including strongwong, notanumber, xiggalo, and 100xluis, collaborated to create a gallery of O' ducks. FrankyNines has a gaming and mobile development background and focuses on handcrafted art, which he meticulously digitizes and stores on the blockchain.

Aguilar shares a vision in Forbes, Adobe, Juxtapoz Mag, and PBS as an NFT-based entrepreneur who continues to produce and share art in the metaverse. With his business experience, Aguilar launched NFTs to foster a community of artists whose value surprises above plans. Many in the NFT community thought it was a risk, but it paid off.

The value of each NFT was between 0.1 and 0.7 ETH during the collection’s initial rise. It has maintained a decent place on the NFT charts despite several ups and downs.

Franky took advantage of the then-ongoing explosion of profile picture/avatar projects after the boom of the Bored Ape Yacht club to build SupDucks and release it into the world, directing the NFTs towards branding and moment-to-moment shocks. As a result of its success, future NFTs will go with it.

It's also not the final chapter. The creators collaborate with the NFT community to generate fantastic stories since they are enthusiasts of lore production. And they've made it all public on their YouTube channel.

Franky and his colleagues didn't merely build the NFTs and then abandoned them. They have a dedicated YouTube channel with over 46,000 followers, a prominent figure for an NFT-based YouTube channel.

Despite SupDucks' flash, glamor, and dopeness, FrankyNines knows the crowd is on the lookout for fresh NFTs. He's wants a group of collectors that don't care about the price as long as they have high-value tokens. As such, Kingfrogs NFT has entered the picture.

SupDucks NFT Collection: The Floor Price and Statistics

When analyzing a collection, there are some statistics that can help you determine whether it is a good buy or not. We have decided not to include the raw statistics here because they are always fluctuating. But here are some terms to know:

  • SupDucks’ current price floor (increased or decreased)
  • Trading volume (in ETH or fiat)
  • Average sale price (highest sale, lowest sale)
  • Floor cap of project, including on NFT Price Floor
  • Maximum supply
  • Averages over seven days
  • Total sales volume
  • Cost of one SupDuck (average)
  • Number of owners out of tokens available

With these statistics, you can determine whether a project, including SupDucks, is a good investment.

SupDucks NFT Collection: The Breakdown of Traits

SupDucks occur in 10,000 distinct varieties, and their individuality stems from the following characteristics:

  • 26 Backgrounds
  • 37 Eyes
  • 48 Hats
  • 37 Mouths
  • 28 Skins
  • 49 Clothes

There are also ten super ducks available specifically for the project's superfans. The Super Ducks are for the top of the crop in the NFT realm, and they're rare and expensive.

SupDucks NFT Collection: The Purchase

To buy a SupDuck NFT, you may go the traditional method and buy one on the secondary market. The popularity of NFT is currently at an all-time high; be cautious while purchasing one.

Because the community typically determines the price of an NFT, be prepared to pay a premium for a SupDuck.

SupDucks NFT Collection: The Exclusivity

The following features distinguish SupDucks:

  • Ecosystems: Within their NFT-verse, they have developed a unique communication system.
  • SupDucks NFT goes ahead with legends inside the ecosystem since it is heavy on narrative.
  • Always concentrating on the community side of the tokens, the developers do not hesitate to hand up creative control to NFT holders from time to time.
  • Hand-drawn: Each NFT is a digital representation of hand-drawn doodles that distinguishes it from the competition.
  • SupDucks' creators are more interested in producing moment-to-moment surprises and adding additional utilities to the projects since they are focused on branding.
  • Finally, they keep in contact with their community through their YouTube account.

These elements combine to create an image of an NFT with a background of dedicated NFT artists who are here to enjoy the occasion and produce new work within this new genre.

SupDucks NFT Collection: The Future

Supducks NFT is getting ready to rise in the future. 3-D NFTs, first introduced on December 17, 2021, are about to enter the metaverse. SupDucks have demonstrated that roadmaps are overrated.

SupDucks NFT Collection: The Clinch

SupDucks are a collection of 10,000 hand-drawn duck heads in the manner of avatars. Most NFT initiatives, including SupDucks, were inspired by CryptoPunks, which prompted the NFT business to boom. SupDucks tokens, unlike CryptoPunks, include character components chosen at random from a pool of hand-drawn traits.

SupDucks' success is partly because each token is hand-drawn, giving it an aesthetic appearance. Each duck head has a distinct set of traits that contribute to its uniqueness. Its unique set of characteristics determines the rarity of each duck.

SupDucks has lately been one of the best-selling NFT collections, as indicated by its high sales volumes since its inception. This NFT's creative appeal to potential purchasers ensures that there will be more sales. However, it will be simple to predict if SupDucks will continue to rise in the future.

Rarity Ranking


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