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Doge Pound NFT Collection

The Doge Pound NFTs are a collection of 10,000 different Doge NFTs floating throughout the blockchain. Each NFT is distinct due to the combination of over 190 features. The Doge Pound has a solid reputation in the NFT field as one of the "OG" NFTs.

This NFT initiative originates from the entrepreneurial mind of John Lemon. He founded The Doge Pound to participate with the community in a meaningful way after being inspired by DogeCoin.

The project's exclusivity provided a massive push over time, which boosted its floor costs or price considerably. However, those are not the only elements John considers essential since social media growth and catering to the project's unique holders are also vital.

Another factor that has made these adorable little pups the center of attention is the use of the proceeds. Not only are the majority of revenues used to create better tools for the community, but The Doge Pound is now working to establish the largest rescue shelter facility in South Africa.

Doge Pound NFT Collection: A Brief History

The Introduction

The Doge Pound (TDP) is a 10,000 NFT collection that debuted on Ethereum in July 2021 with a price of 0.069 ETH. The average floor price for a TDP NFT is 1.48 ETH.

TDP keeps the existence of dog-themed meme assets in crypto alive, a phenomenon that began with Dogecoin in 2013, and then the presence of Elon Musk reanimated it. Whether you despise or admire them, dog-themed meme crypto assets have developed a cult following in recent years.

Dog-themed initiatives have begun springing across the crypto-verse on numerous blockchains in the same vein as Dogecoin (Shiba Inu and TDP on Ethereum, PolyDoge on Polygon, Samoyed coin on Solana). TDP and other 'dog assets,' as ridiculous as it may sound, are probably here to stay.

The Founder

In the industry, Kyle Van Dyne Hoven, often known as John Lemon, is the brains behind the wildly successful NFTs known as The Doge Pound. Despite having no artistic expertise, he utilized his entrepreneurial thinking and talent for marketing and community building to create these now popular non-fungible tokens.

Lemon felt NFTs were still uncharted territory before launching his doge-themed line. As a result and as a huge basketball game lover, he began experimenting with B-ball NFTs. However, with little more than an entrepreneurial spirit to back up his ideas, he sought assistance from the top inventors in the NFT industry. And that search brought him to Crypto Babe, a well-known NFT artist.

John concentrated his expertise on website building, handling complicated business matters, and developing the original branding map, while Crypto Babe took on the challenge of designing the NFTs.

He created his first NFT collection, The Blockchain Ballers, with that collaboration. The B-ball NFTs, on the other hand, was more than simply his initial collection; they were also his training ground and means to understand the ins and outs of the NFT world.

"A slew of stylized artwork inspired by legendary basketball players was what we needed to propel the Non-Fungible Token domain forward," one person commented. “And with crypto babe's artistic mind, it became a lot simpler and more fruitful in the long term."

With the advent of The Doge Pound and a third member to the squad, White Fang, these dog-themed NFTs take over the metaverse at ease. The story of John Lemon from student to entrepreneur is fascinating.

In 2014, he founded two start-ups — Creation Burst Studios and Slick Lizard Gaming — to capitalize on his ambition to enter the technology industry with his ideas. Both were Mobile App Platforms, and they were his initial forays into the technology industry, which has already resulted in the 10,000 NFTs valued at $85.4 million.

The Exclusivity

Unlike many other NFTs, The Doge Pound introduced and adhered to a Roadmap Whitepaper — a full explanation of every action they would take to promote its growth. The developers have completed 90% of the roadmap thus far. They have contributed USD $30,000 to the community to develop something worthy of the Doge Point family.

That takes us to the first feature that distinguishes The Doge Pound from the rest of the NFT pack: an emphasis on community-based development. The Doge Pound has created various community tools with a realistic vision of the NFT market and an understanding that it is the community that adds value to every NFT floating on the Ethereum blockchain.

The Ranking Tool is the first tool for the community. This Rarity tool provides the community with information about the rarity of Doges, their partner NFT, Doge Pound pups, and Doge Pound Halloween drops. Furthermore, the flexibility and freedom that holders of this NFT have are notable, resulting in the NFT rapidly ascending the charts.

Doge Pound NFT Collection: The Price Floor And Statistics

We won’t cover the raw statistics as they are always fluctuating. But if you are looking to analyze TDP from a technical standpoint, here are some terms to know:

  • Current price floor (also price floor)
  • ETH
  • Average selling price
  • Sale price
  • Floor cap
  • Project price floor
  • Sales in seven days
  • Average costs

Those should get you started on your journey.

Doge Pound NFT Collection: The Current Affairs

Although there were rumors of an NFT collection similar to BAYC, some crypto enthusiasts watched for the Doges.

People ultimately rallied around the Doges as celebrities like Alex Becker, JRNY Crypto, and Elliotrades began to support them. As a result, this NFT has been steadily expanding. As of February 2022, there are 5.5k owners of these NFTs, with around 28,000 ETH in transaction volume.

People are questioning if Doge Pound can see into the future at such a consistent rate. However, based on its roadmap, it is reasonable to infer that the creators' original ambitions for the Doge Pound are far more extensive than previously believed.

While it keeps a consistent floor pricing based on current trends, it is reasonable to claim that it has planted its foot in the sector to develop slowly.

Doge Pound NFT Collection: The Breakdown

The Doge Pound, a collection of 10,000 randomly produced NFTs, relies on the following characteristics to make each Doge unique:

  • 2 Gender
  • 38 Hats
  • 13 Background
  • 42 Clothing
  • 10 Earrings
  • 23 Eyes
  • 10 Eyewear
  • 21 Furs
  • 34 Mouths

These adaptations result in unique and unforgettable NFTs that make NFT holders salivate. Cade, one of the most well-known YouTubers in the NFT market, believes that the branding surrounding these NFTs may help them go further.

Doge Pound NFT Collection: The Future

The Doge Pound, like other efforts in the NFT domain, is preparing the doges for the metaverse. John Lemon just told Bazinga that they are on their way to unveiling NFT video clips with unique compositions by Trey Songz and Steve Aoki.

Furthermore, the new NFT plans incorporate Doge Merchandise such as coats within the metaverse to provide NFT holders more excellent value.

Doge Pound NFT Collection: The Purchase

The Doge Pound NFT is available in a variety of formats. However, a secondary marketplace is your best bet for the time being. Remember that these NFTs scream exclusivity and are consequently expensive. As a result, only invest if you're ready to make a significant contribution to the community.

Doge Pound NFT Collection: The Clinch

The Doge Pound is a fascinating NFT project to keep an eye on. They've effectively developed a robust and dynamic community of NFT holders based on the Doge meme. We're looking forward to seeing where their strong community and ambitious vision will lead them.

Because NFT is still in its early stages of development, now is the best moment to get your hands on the one-of-a-kind tokens that might provide more enormous profits in the future. Given the popularity of The Doge Pound and the low price of some tickets, purchasing them might be an excellent long-term investment.

Its technological edge is further enhanced because it is one of the first NFTs created for the metaverse.

Rarity Ranking

The Doge Pound

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