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The Walking Dead NFT Collection

The Walking Dead NFT collection consists of 5,000 pieces of original animations based on the characters from the multiplayer survivor game and one of the highest-rated series “The Walking Dead'' from AMC Studios.

Orange Comet company and AMC Studios are behind the collection of this digital content. These digital “dead” assets were launched in February 2022 after the final season was televised on AMC. AMC Studios decided to enter the NFT marketplace with the help of blockchain experience company Orange Comet.

Orange Comet has hands-on experience in developing NFTs, from conceptualization to final generative designs. Moreover, they have developed an array of characters based on different comic series. AMC used the favorite characters and the storyline of its popular series to enter the NFT world, and the Orange Comet's artists converted those characters into digital collectibles.

These digital items of The Walking Dead collection have successfully converted into a virtual community within the metaverse. In terms of storyline, this project is promising, and the character development by Orange Comet has resulted in artwork with stunning imagery.

History Of the Dead Marketplace

About The Developers

Orange Comet and AMC Studios are the established companies that have worked collaboratively to bring the characters of The Walking Dead into the digital marketplace. Orange Comet is a company that specializes in blockchain technology.

Orange Comet’s sole purpose is to articulate the development of NFTs based on the storyline and guidelines of characters provided by the clients. The collections of Orange Comet provide immersive experiences for clients. Dante F from the Orange Comet is the lead artist who designed the character avatars for The Walking Dead NFT collection.

AMC Studios have used the series's storyline to collaborate with Orange Comet. Both established companies have extensive experience related to the creative form of the entertainment industry.

The entry of AMC Studios into the blockchain technology space with the assistance of Orange Comet is a landmark decision, and this collection of digital assets from The Walking Dead series has created a lot of excitement in the NFT marketplace.

Storyline and Expansion of Digital Collectibles

The storyline of this NFT collection has been kept identical according to the requirements of AMC Studios. The story is about a patient who wakes up from a coma to realize that the world is no longer under the control of humans. The hospital is shown as the epicenter of crisis where deadly creatures have taken over. The man has to fight to survive the dead in this thrilling series.

Keeping the storyline identical, the artists of Orange Comet have created digital characters from the original animations of this flagship series. The inaugural drop of this project is the Walker Access Pass, which was launched on February 20th 2022 and was only available for 24 hours.

The access pass holders have access to the members-only channel of discord. Moreover, an access pass unlocks exclusive NFTs with generative arts and special properties to increase the rarity index. Moreover, this evergreen pass unlocks future drops, and the holders of these exclusive passes have first-look access to exclusive drops of future digital collectibles.

After this exclusive launch, the public drops of digital assets were launched on March 18th, 2022. These digital items were the Dead assets from the famous series of The Walking Dead. Orange Comet has ensured to create identical 3D avatars. These digital assets will be divided into different categories, such as legendary, rare, epic, super rare, and uncommon, based on the generative designs of rarity.

Exclusive Packs of Digital Collectibles

The array of characters in this virtual community is not confined to the inaugural drop of 5,000 collectibles. There are also exclusive drops of special characters from the series The Walking Dead. In fact, Orange Comet and AMC Studios have agreed to provide five public drops of animations every year.

The Commonwealth Pack will be the first exclusive artwork from the series of The Walking Dead. This pack comes with two NFT characters and a trooper avatar. The Daryl Pack is exclusively related to the hunter character from the series. Daryl Dixon is the hunter in the series, making his way over the bodies of the dead creatures. This pack will have an animated NFT along with an avatar of Daryl Dixon.

The Day One Pack invokes the nostalgic part of this series where it all started. These packs of character avatars are exclusively available to pass holders. In this pack, there is an avatar of the hospital corridor where the series began. The Carol Pack is another exclusive collection in this series. Carol is the survivor, as we have seen in the animated series. The pack will feature digital collectibles and an avatar image of Carol.

All these packs are special digital assets with legendary levels of rarities. They are exclusively available to pass holders.

Market Trend of The Walking Dead Digital Collectibles

The harsh reality of market statistics shows that despite being a very highly reputable series, the NFT project has not performed as well as it would have hoped. These digital collectibles have had a low floor price since inception. The current floor price of these digital collectibles of The Walking Dead collection is 0.083 ETH. Moreover, the total volume of Dead assets traded on the OpenSea platform has been recorded as 3.2K ETH.

But while the market statistics paint a bleak picture for these digital assets, Orange Comet and AMC Studios are working on newer innovations and unexplored parts of the series to boost the project in the NFT marketplace.

Future Of the Walking Dead NFT Collection

The Walking Dead NFT collection is currently on a downward trend in the NFT marketplace. The floor price of these digital collectibles has decreased significantly ever since the inaugural launch. However, Orange Comet and AMC Studios are working continuously on newer innovations for these digital assets.

In the latest update, Orange Comet is going to bring a Wild Card Series akin to the original animated series that will feature more than 500 characters with different levels of rarities. Therefore, it is the last resort to bring this digital collection up to par with the leading collections in integrated marketplaces.

The developers of these digital collectibles are also engaging the community on discord and other social media channels. Currently, there are approximately 10,000 members on The Walking Dead’s NFT discord channel.

Concluding Remarks

The Walking Dead NFT collection was a highly-anticipated project, but the harsh reality is that it has failed to perform after its inaugural launch. But the NFT marketplace is known for its volatility, so time will tell if the Walking Dead digital collectibles will rebound.

Furthermore, Orange Comet and AMC Studios are working hard to improve the market statistics of this series by introducing exclusive packs of digital assets. Moreover, the Wild Card Series of these Dead assets is in the pipeline and could help The Walking Dead NFT Collection compete in the digital marketplace for years to come.


The Walking Dead


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