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When the bells doth toll, the search begins, For wicked, wild and wondrous things.

The Wonderquest is an immersive exploration of Alison Wonderland’s virtual world of dragons and black magic. It starts with a generative NFT project of ten thousand splendorous eggs, each containing that most rare and dangerous of creatures; a dragon. You can hatch your eggs to reveal your dragon’s unique traits, or collect them in their unhatched glory. To hatch or not to hatch; that choice is yours.

Your journey will take you to an epic musical odyssey in the grandiose Temple of Wonderland, created exclusively for The Wonderquest community in Decentraland, where you’ll take the first step of many steps on the quest; The Hatching.

Those brave enough to embark upon this adventure will experience real and tangible utility within the metaverse; elaborate quests awash with rich rewards, exclusive live performances, and an entrance to the enthralling world of blockchain gaming.

The WonderQuest
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