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The Travel Tigers are nomadic travelers who roam the world to their heart’s content, savouring the bountiful luxuries of rich cultures in every corner of the globe. The ​​Travel Tiger NFT is the key to unlocking the Smart Diamond membership.

Travala.com Smart Members who lockup 2,500 AVA and hold a Travel Tiger Utility NFT can become Smart Diamond members, giving them access to a wide range of enhanced travel-oriented benefits including;

✅ Ambassador Bonuses ✅ 10% Loyalty Rewards ✅ 3% AVA Payment Discount ✅ Proof of Travel NFTs ✅ Token Airdrops ✅ VIP Concierge Access ✅ Exclusive Access to real world and metaverse events ✅ Exclusive One-of-a-Kind Travel Drops

Learn more at https://www.travala.com/smart

Travel Tiger Club
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