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The United Punks Union 🌈 is NFT 13.666 piece unique and it has its ERC721 Verified Smart Contract. We have equal FAIR DISTRIBUTION 🔥 price 0.03 ETH for all. United Punks Union was designed by hand, but algorithmically generated on the Ethereum blockchain, with 13.666 pieces each as unique Digital Collectibles! They have their language Punklish. They speak among themselves in their own language even they have a favorite song on youtube! We have Punks you've never seen before! We have Superheroes, Villains and much more! There are 7 types such as Humans, Orcs, Zombies, Apes, Aliens, Droids and Cylons. All United Punks Union live together peacefully :punch: There are 6 types of sex "Attraction" such as Straight, Lesbian, Gay, Trans, Non-Conforming and Intersex. New characters, new attributes and much more learn and mint "adopt" yourself from unitedpunksunion.org

⚠️ This project is not affiliated with Larva Labs.

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