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VeeFriends NFT Collection

VeeFriends NFTs are the creation of prolific angel investor Gary Vaynerchuk. This NFT collection that contains intellectual property comprises two series, of which series two was released in April. The debut series had 10,255 VeeFriends core tokens.

Out of these 10,255 access tokens, 1,242 were kept by Gary Vee, and they are called Gary Vaynerchuk’s collection admission tokens. More commonly, they are referred to as G.O.O (Gary Originally Owned) personal collection. Therefore, 9,013 NFT collection tokens were left for the inaugural collection auction. The first series of Gary Vee’s auction was released on 11 May 2021.

The VeeFriends core attributes behind the conceptualization are human traits and human kindness. These positive character traits are the hallmark of every character created by Gary Vee. Interestingly, Gary has created and drawn every character token himself before the commencement of the Dutch auction process.

Gary Vee has provided a diverse access pass to the VeeFriends token holders. The token holders of these positive attributes NFTs will have access to VeeCon, which is a professional network and conference of hundreds of thousands of people. Gary imagined this project to become an extraordinary community of autonomous organizations where the token holders will share their business passions and enhance digital communications and entrepreneurial ideas.

Delving Into the History of VeeFriends

Founder Profile

Gary Vaynerchuk is the founder and the life artist of the VeeFriends NFTs collection. Gary is one of the most renowned names in the NFT world and known in different business sectors as a prolific angel investor.

He is the current Chairman of NY-based digital communications company VaynerX. Apart from this, he is also the CEO of VaynerMedia and VaynerSports. However, VaynerX is the parent company. In addition, he is also the proud writer of four New York Times best-selling books.

Hence, Gary Vaynerchuk is the epitome of success in the NFT ecosystem and has amassed an extraordinary community with his project having smart contract capabilities and utilizing a digital wallet of the non-fungible token collection.

Gary is continuously working on expanding the community with the breakdown of admission tokens on the collection website and the creation of new art tokens with enormous levels of rarity. The rarity levels are defined as part of this collectible craze utilizing Gary Vee’s artistic attributes.

Apart from the NFT collection and media management, Gary focuses on environmental impact and the carbon offsets to create a better world for the human race.

Series 1 Of Veefriends

Series 1 of VeeFriends NFTs was the original 10,500 tokens that were sold quickly after launch a year ago. After the sale, the price of these tokens has increased significantly, starting from 0.5 ETH to a humongous average floor price of 15 ETH. The continuity of innovations and new ideas by Gary Vee has made VeeFriends Series 1 a complete success.

To access the collection, users had to “connect wallet.” Many digital wallets have been incorporated into VeeFriends Series 1 collection to keep the verifiable tokens of this collection safe. Furthermore, Gary V has provided direct access to the active wallets of holders so that they can trade the tokens as per the desires of the holders.

The Series 1 of Gary Vaynerchuk’s VeeFriends has been a total success with a total traded volume of around 51.6K ETH and a steady and continuously increased floor price of the digital collectibles.

Book Games and Mini Drops

After the sale of VeeFriends NFTs, Gary stepped up the community-building efforts. Due to these efforts, VeeFriends is among the top collections of the NFT world without any iota of doubt. Gary V added crypto wallet utilities to increase the collectible craze of the investors.

Firstly, he made his book sale in conjunction with giant franchises of physical gifts and also used limited tokens. Only access token holders were to be able to participate in the game, which some referred to as “the card game.” In this book game. The participants were to purchase 12 copies of Gary Vaynerchuk’s book, and in return, they will get physical gifts and free NFT tokens.

It is the prerogative of holders to sell or trade the bubble gum tokens obtained from the book game. The physical gifts were like a hardware wallet and other collectibles. Moreover, a 5-day auction event was held post VeeFriends sales.

This iconic event had immense benefits for the holders of Gary’s tokens. The benefits included signature characters with an annual conference of amazing redemptions, which were all a part of this event.

Series 2 Of VeeFriends

At the beginning of April 2022, Gary announced the proclamation of the second series of VeeFriends NFTs. The collection size will be increased by 55,000 new tokens and 15 different characters, with every character assigned 225 different tokens of unique levels of rarity.

The second series was launched on 25 April 2022 for 55 hours and was done in the style of an auction sale. Moreover, only the holders of series one tokens were allowed to take part in the Dutch auction of Series 2 tokens.

Virtual access was provided to the community members, and release dates were communicated earlier. Furthermore, the 3-year conference dates (for VeeCon) were also announced earlier to the community members.

Future Of VeeFriends NFTs

VeeFriends NFTs have held ground in the NFT industry for quite a long time compared to different collections that faded quickly after launch. The efforts of Gary Vaynerchuk to keep this NFT project going in the right direction along with the aim of a good cause for the human race are applaudable.

The art sales will bring prosperity to the human race, and the emerging Metaverse may be included as well. According to Gary, VeeFriends NFTs will continue forever. There will be announcements in the coming days after the successful auction of Series 2 VeeFriends NFTs, which may be considered as part of Gary Vaynerchuk’s collection.

Final Verdict

VeeFriends is a spectacular token collection in the realm of NFTs. It has all the ingredients to shake up the NFT world, and Gary has promised to take these competition access tokens to a whole new level. With this NFT project, Gary Vaynerchuk is creating a network of digital entrepreneurs and NFT degens.

Moreover, the purchasing process and the application process of person access tokens have been simplified for the investors. Community building and continuous innovation are the key aspects of the Gary Vee collection. Owing to these reasons, VeeFriends NFTs may dominate the NFT world.

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