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The World of Women NFT community is one dedicated to promoting representation, inclusivity, and equal opportunity in the world of non-fungible crypto tokens.

The WoW NFT project (World of Women) is a collection of 10,000 distinct, diverse, and powerful women avatars who delight in creating a good influence and assisting others, particularly women new to the NFT arena. This remarkable project is for women in the world of NFT and cryptocurrency.

Founded by four friends, the platform has since expanded to a staff of nine employees, all aiming to "create a beautiful, varied, powerful collection and vibrant community events."

WoW, the World of Women's first-ever collection, entirely designed by Yam Karkai and available on ETH blockchain, was launched on July 27, 2021.

World of Women NFT Collection: A Brief History

The Inception

Yam Karkai, an artist and illustrator, developed the WoW collections available on the ETH blockchain. Yam has always put women at the forefront of her art space and focus. She was motivated to create a one-of-a-kind NFT collection that honors diversity and expands representation in the NFT industry.

World of Women has onboarded thousands of individuals to NFTs and Web3, thus building a strong team. One of the goals of the collection is to establish a world-class community through collaboration based on a common aim to provide an inclusive and supportive community builder environment for all.

The collection consists of 10,000 non-fungible tokens of randomly produced visual pictures of varying rarity and is stored on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain as ERC-721 tokens. The NFTs can only be acquired with ETH currency. That’s ten thousand different hand-drawn women NFT avatars, which, together, make WoW one of the leading blue-chip projects.

NFTs are not a cryptocurrency in the same way that Bitcoin is or other decentralized digital currencies. Still, they share that they exchange blockchain funds without the need for agents or mediators.

Each NFT's rarity level may be determined using rarity tools. Some are pretty uncommon, while others are infrequent, and just a handful are unique. It's a complete collectible project. The entire collection used a proprietary algorithm that randomly combined 11 qualities and 189 attributes, devised by Karkai. Yam Karkai herself generated:

  • 14 various skin tones
  • 23 face characteristics
  • 28 eye combinations
  • 25 varied haircuts

The Manifesto

According to this female-led NFT project's manifesto:

"We needed to create a basic lady who might be of any ethnicity. Because this is a randomly generated project to promote diversity and female creators, we have taken the following precautions to avoid disrespectful results and cultural appropriation during the customization process: avoiding elements specific to cultures, customs, or practices, avoiding/political-religious references, avoiding mockery elements, and avoiding the creation of any elements that could potentially have aggressive or rude connotations."

The Key Considerations

It's crucial to analyze a World of Women token against various parameters before adding it to your NFT collection.

There are 11 different backdrops available and:

  • 14 different skin tones
  • 27 outfits
  • 25 different haristyles
  • 23 facial characteristics
  • 13 cosmetics for the face
  • 17 pairs of earrings
  • 15 different necklaces
  • Nine mouths
  • Seven different lip colors
  • 28 eye pairings

World of Women NFT Collection: Statistics

There are 10,000 digital assets in the World of Women NFT collection, all active right now. With a 7-day average mint price of 8.004 ETH ($23,046), the collection-to-wallet ownership ratio is approximately 1.872 to 1.

Users have spent 7.10 ETH ($20,434) in the previous 24 hours to acquire a piece of the World of Women collection, which is more than the average selling price of World of Women NFT price of 2.83 ETH ($8,149) since the collection's introduction.

WoW is a collection of 10,000 randomly generated and stylistically curated non-forgeable tokens. World of Women on the Ethereum blockchain are in demand. This community celebrates women's representation, inclusivity, and equal opportunities for each woman.

A World of Women's rarity rank depends on the characteristics in the NFT itself. The NFT community, on some level, has been united by this first-of-its-kind NFT collection featuring 10,000 artworks of women showing the diversity and power of women.

The CryptoPunks NFT Collection, made by Larva Labs, was once the most popular NFT collection. Dapper Labs is also another popular creator of NFTs. However, the team behind WoW has captured the hearts of the crypto community as well.

NFT Collection Holders: Perks of the World Of Women

The benefits of owning World of Women NFTs include owning the artwork of women and its intellectual property, having the ability to download the NFTs in super high quality, and earning access to curated pre-sales and holders-only raffles and discounts.

The World of Women Discord has highlighted the project's three aims and provided balance and representation within the NFT cosmos.

  • To help and promote the artist community worldwide, the WoW Fund was established, with 15% of all sales, including record sales, reinvested in crypto art projects

  • To support women-led organizations focused on sustainability, such as She's the First, which funds and supports local solutions to education and female empowerment in 26 countries

  • Educate and welcome women and under-represented minorities into NFT universes

World of Women NFT is now rated 20th by total cryptocurrency market volume on OpenSea (March 16, 2021).

World of Women NFT Collection: The Growth

NFT Price:

The original collection cost of minting each WoW NFT was 0.07 ETH, and the whole NFT collection sold out in 24 hours. Collectors now may auction their NFTs through OpenSea, one of the main NFT marketplaces.

On February 14 of this year, the floor price soared to almost 10 ETH. However, the all-time high volume sales for the WoW NFT collection occurred on January 23, 2022. A total of 35 tokens sold for slightly over 557 ETH ($1,683,404.39 USD) on that day.

The average price per World of Women NFT dropped recently due to the general market downturn brought on by Russia's invasion of Ukraine. However, current prices have climbed again, reaching an all-time high of 13 ETH in March 2022.

NFT Floor Price:

In monetary terms, the current floor price for World of Women NFTs is over $31,000, with a 24-hour trading volume of over $870,000 and 29 sales. The floor price of World of Women has increased by 13% in the previous 24 hours, albeit this varies every day.

Over the last seven days, the average sale price has been $34,000, with the most significant transaction being $247,000 and the lowest being $22,000. With a floor limit of approximately $310,000, the project is presently ranked #11 by NFT Price Floor. It has between 6-8 percent listed and a maximum supply typical of a 10,000-piece NFT project.

NFT Sales:

WoW, sales are undoubtedly likely to increase now that Hollywood superstars and worldwide musicians have joined the World of Women group. WoW's average sales have increased by more than 50% in recent weeks.

NFTs from the World of Women sell virtually every hour for low to mid-five-figure prices.

WoW NFTs have yielded a 1000 percent return on investment (ROI) for early investors. 5,300 different people now own them.

World of Women NFT Collection: The Future

In spite of some of the negative attitudes toward women in the NFT and crypto markets, interviewed experts believed that the World of Women NFT collection forecast has an excellent long-time supporter community owing to the project's explicit objective, generated buzz, and celebrity sponsorship.

Experts also remarked that, like conventional art, NFTs tend to appreciate over time, as has been the case with the World of Women NFT collection.

World of Women NFT Collection: The Clinch

World of Women NFTs' skyrocketing floor price over the last several months illustrates the collection's enormous growth potential. The project's robust, awesome community, excellent leadership, and fascinating utility point to it growing in the coming months.

The larger NFT market is presently experiencing a significant bull run, demonstrating the incredible potential of these crypto-assets. To purchase World of Women, you must first open a marketplace account, which is quick to set up, secure, and lets you trade many crypto project collectible assets.

Many investors will not acquire a World of Women NFT since its price is high. Other NFT projects are already available at a lower cost, with the potential for significant future expansion. To score good deals from these newer collections, investors can pay attention to the release dates and mint from the smart contracts.

Rarity Ranking

World of Women

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