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Zombie State University is a limited collection of 8,888 unique NFT tokens, programmatically generated from over 200 possible traits, stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, and hosted on IPFS.

Zombie State University was founded on the belief that those of us who remain today have an obligation to those we lost in The Great War to make the best of ourselves. We hope that our Academic community can become a symbol of post-war life for all Zombie-kind. A beacon for everyone who works to uphold and protect The Undying Peace.

Our mission here at ZSU is to shape the Zombie leaders of tomorrow. To mold them into the best and brightest of us so that they might go out into the world and rebuild what was destroyed. That they might create a better future where we won’t ever see again the atrocities we endured during The Great War.

Zombie State
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