Learn more about Zoofrenz Apefrenz 2.0 NFT

A future-proofed metaverse IP built by veteran game designers and artists. Zoofrenz begins with a collection of 6,666 Apefrenz avatars that generate $FRENSHIP utility tokens. $FRENSHIP can be used to redeem various additional NFTs in our ecosystem. Float Tanks - 4000 Float tanks allow you to transform your existing Apefrenz to an Awakened Apefrenz with a set of brand new traits. First Class Zoo Pass - 666 passes that grant exclusive access to physical perks and events. 3D Avatar Pass - Every Apefrenz can ascend into metaverse-ready 3D playable characters. Built for the metaverse of the future, ready to play right now.

Original Collection (migrating to 2.0) : https://opensea.io/collection/zoofrenznft

$FRENSHIP token checker : https://www.zoofrenz.com/search

由資深遊戲設計團隊Zombot Studio打造的元宇宙 IP。 Zoofrenz 以 6,666 個 Apefrenz NFT 開始,Apefrenz後續可以覺醒成元宇宙裡的 3D Playable Character NFT。 元宇宙的未來,現在就觸手可及。你也準備好覺醒了嗎?

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Zoofrenz Apefrenz 2.0

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