Alethea AI’s Polygon App Lets Users Create NFTs

Credit: Alethea AI

Alethea AI just announced it’s launched a new decentralized application with the Polygon blockchain. Now users will be able to create their own avatar non-fungible tokens by entering text, in a move that looks to facilitate the development of NFTs using AI.

Using its CharacterGPT tool, users can easily create and trade AI NFTs on the popular Layer 2 blockchain Polygon. And the tool goes beyond just generating images based on text; it actually generates full interactive AI characters from a single line prompt.

To market the launch of the new feature, Alethea developed a digital representation of Polygon co-founder Sandeep Nailwail. The 1:1 NFT collectible was created from his “writings, public statements, and interviews.” Nailwal signaled his approval of the NFT by placing a gold checkmark beside it.

Nailwal also released a statement saying that his team was excited to support Alethea on Polygon as it brings the “power and potential of generative AI to its thriving ecosystem.”

CharacterDPT will let users create intelligent, interactive characters to serve as their digital guides and AI companies. The company believes that famous people will use it to create digital duplicates of themselves, and the AI avatars can also be used in metaverses, gaming, and across social media platforms.

Since OpenAI dropped ChatGPT, the internet has exploded with people talking about artificial intelligence. Now it looks like AI is coming to one of the most popular blockchains around — Polygon.

People interested in the AI avatars can use the Polygon dApp, and visit to mint a CharacterGPT NFT.

Polygon Keeps Getting Approval from Major Companies

The first month of 2023 is almost over, and for now, Polygon continues to be a leader in the space. In the past ten days alone, we’ve written several stories about brands and companies choosing Polygon as their go-to blockchain. Here are the most recent headlines.

First, last week, Neowiz, a South Korean video game developer, announced it raised $12 million in private funding to support its Web3 gaming platform Intella X. The funds will go towards Intella X’s upcoming launch on Polygon.

Next, Rarible, a top NFT marketplace, expanded its marketplace builder program to include Polygon NFT community projects. Now projects on Polygon can create no-code marketplaces that let them buy and sell NFTs just in their collections.

Finally, yesterday, Web3 gaming platform Fractal announced it was expanding to Polygon. The move brings Fractal’s Web3 gaming suite, including its NFT marketplace for in-game NFTs, an NFT launch pad, and support for esports tournaments to Polygon.

Despite the bear market of 2022, Polygon has been able to secure endorsements from major Web2 and Web3 companies around the world. We’ll have to be patient to see if the Layer 2 blockchain can keep the momentum going. But Alethea AI integrating its CharacterGPT tool onto the network looks like another step in the right direction.