Amazon Releases New NFT Documentary ‘NFTMe’

Credit: Getty Images

Amazon, the e-commerce giant, recently released its NFT documentary series ‘NFTMe’ for streaming on Amazon Prime. The six-part, 30-minutes-per-episode series combines interviews with NFT influencers to look at the impact and culture surrounding non-fungible token technology from 2019 onward.

Among the people featured in the series are American singer Susaye Greene of The Supremes, Cheryl Douglas of Portion, Refik Anadol, a digital artist who has worked at SpaceX and NASA, Queen Diambi Kabatusuila of the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Peter Rafelson, a music producer who has worked for Madonna.

Each episode of the series explores an aspect of NFTs, from NFT culture to the possibility of future regulation of the industry. For instance, the first episode delves into the NFT community and includes interviews with different people at different stages of their NFT journey. It also spotlights Queen Diambi describing the “Web3 mindset.”

Award-winning producer Jonny Caplan and Tech Talk Media created the series, which will expand to more streaming outlets in 2023. Caplan said NFTMe intends to be the “MTV of NFTs,” delivering information about Web3 terminology and opportunity while providing a looking glass at NFT culture, including the style, mood, and energy of the NFT community.

To create the documentary series, Caplan and Tech Talk Media had access to all the top NFT events, such as NFT.NYC and Art Basel in Miami. The series features 45 interview subjects spread across different continents throughout the world. Shooting started in 2019 and saw a brief disruption due to the coronavirus pandemic.

NFT Projects Combine Tech with Culture

NFTs have many use cases, but some of the most interesting uses of non-fungible tokens we’ve seen involve a mix of culture and the tech. At Rarity Sniper, we have covered several interesting stories just like this year. Here are three.

First, in late November, British hospitality company IHG Hotel & Resorts launched 10 exclusive NFTs tied to IRL perks and rewards. Claire Luxton, a British artist making her Web3 debut, designed the collection. The NFTs pay homage to the brand via flora- and fauna-themed designs.

Next, also in late November, Thailand created a new “travel-to-earn” NFT collection. The “Amazing Thailand NFTs” collection rewards users for collecting the NFTs and learning more about Thailand’s top destinations. Collecting the NFTs unlocks certain IRL perks, such as lodging offers.

Lastly, a month ago, Red Bull partnered with NFT project Azuki to put Azuki #8494 on the side its cars for a Formula 1 race. The partnership builds on the IP of #8494, called “Lei the Lightning Azuki,” who represents the meshing of the physical and virtual worlds. At the time of the partnership, #8494 had a 9 WETH bid on OpenSea.

The documentary NFTMe is an interesting way of looking at the NFT landscape and one that will undoubtedly cause a lot of discussion. Here at Rarity Sniper, we’ll pay attention for further developments in the story.