Art Blocks’ Friendship Bracelet NFTs Take OpenSea’s Top Spot

Credit: Art Blocks

The latest collection of NFTs from Art Blocks, an art collective that facilitates generative art NFT projects, is leading the world’s number one secondary NFT marketplace OpenSea in total sales volume.

Art Blocks’ “Friendship Bracelets by Alexis André” rose to the top spot on Tuesday, just after the period expired for Art Blocks NFT holders to claim two free NFTs from the new collection. Since then, its value has been rising on the secondary market, and it currently holds the throne on OpenSea as the top collection for the last 24 hours with 601 ETH (over $808,000) in trading volume.

The NFT collection consists of 38,413 NFTs conceptualized by Erick Calderon (Snowfro), Art Blocks founder, and designed by Alexis André, the director of the Japanese Generative Art Foundation. The bracelets were inspired by kids novelty bracelets, and any holder of an Art Blocks NFT could claim up to two NFTs beginning in October 2022 and ending yesterday, January 10th.

By the end of Tuesday, the collection had recorded the highest 24-hour trading volume at 996 ETH (over $1.3 million), with a total trading volume of 7,437 ETH, or just under $10 million at the time of writing.

Art Blocks is an art collective that facilitates the minting of generative art NFTs from a myriad of digital artists. With the release of the free Friendship Bracelets collection, Art Blocks aims to reward community members who have supported its artists since the company’s 2020 launch. Now it looks like members who claimed NFTs are being rewarded financially as well, as the current floor price on OpenSea at the time of writing is .529 ETH, or around $700.

Beside the digital bracelet, the NFT also comes with instructions on how to recreate the bracelet in-real-life.

The Most Recent Successful NFT Projects

Art Blocks isn’t the only NFT studio that’s released a successful NFT project recently. At Rarity Sniper, we’ve written several articles about NFT projects selling out and rising in floor price. Here are the top three articles from recent weeks.

First, ex-Chicago Bulls superstar Scottie Pippen dropped an exclusive NFT collection that sold out in a record-shattering 77 seconds. The collection consisted of 1,000 metaverse-ready sneakers accompanied by mystery boxes. The current floor price on OpenSea is .19 ETH (around $250), and the collection has done 386 ETH (around $510,000) in total sales volume at the time of writing.

Next, ex-president Donald Trump dropped a controversial NFT collection on Polygon in December that quickly sold out. One user purchased an NFT for over $22,000 in the first week. The collection remains in the top five on OpenSea for total sales volume over the last 30 days at 8017 ETH or over $10 million.

Finally, world-renowned author and pioneer in integrative medicine, Deepak Chopra, recently partnered with TIME’s Web3 branch to launch an NFT collection. The collection used 73 artists to create original cover art inspired by lessons from Chopra’s books. And the NFT itself is an actual book, fully readable on the blockchain.

We all know 2022 wasn’t a great year for NFTs, but that hasn’t stopped Web3 teams from building and projects like Art Blocks from giving back to their community. Time will tell if its latest NFT collection will stay on top, but at the very least the Friendship Bracelets collection reminds us that Art Blocks is in Web3 for the long haul.