Burberry to Drop NFTs for “Blankos Block Party”

Credit: Burberry

The UK fashion house Burberry will drop its second NFT collection for Mythical Games’ “Blankos Block Party” on June 22nd. Burberry’s latest NFTs will center around a new unicorn avatar it calls “Minny B.”

According to Burberry, Minny B. is a “kind, gentle, and cheeky character” that will highlight the brand’s TB Summer Monogram design. The Minny B. avatar has a spiral horn and a pair of wings gamers could use to soar through “Blankos Block Party.”

In addition to Minny B., Burberry will drop bonus NFT accessories in Blankos Block Party’s marketplace. A few virtual items customers could mint on June 22nd include:

  • Boomboxes
  • Sandals
  • Necklaces
  • A “Shellphone” mobile phone accessory 

Burberry will also reward anyone who still holds its first Sharky B. avatar with an NFT airdrop. People with a Sharky B. NFT will enjoy a free fashionable NFT hat.

Burberry launched 750 Sharky B. NFTs in 2021 for $299.99 each. Alongside Sharky B., Burberry minted jetpack, shoe, and armband NFTs for “Blankos Block Party” gamers.  

Besides releasing new NFTs, Burberry plans to expand its presence in Mythical Games’ ecosystem. The fashion company announced it would open a virtual “cabana resort” called “The Oasis” where players meet with fellow avatars.  

Clothing Brands are Betting on Blockchain Gaming 

In a recent interview, Burberry executive Rachel Waller said her team was impressed by the excitement they saw surrounding their “Blankos Block Party” NFTs. Although Waller said critics argued only “young male consumer[s]” would engage with Web3 avatars, she has noticed that “women” and people of “different ages” interacted with this game. 

And Burberry isn’t the only clothing company that sees this new opportunity in the blockchain gaming sector. Many of the world’s top names in apparel now have dedicated gaming divisions.

Nike is the most obvious example of this trend. First off, Nike acquired Clone X creator RTFKT Studios in 2021. The American sportswear brand also developed a highly successful metaverse experience in Roblox. 

Speaking of Roblox, the Italian fashion house Gucci just opened a “Gucci Town” metaverse experience. Similar to its temporary “Gucci Garden” area, “Gucci Town” gives Roblox players a place to play mini-games, take selfies, and buy NFTs for their in-game avatars.

Paris-based Louis Vuitton also launched a video game called “Louis: The Game.” This new mobile game rewards players with NFTs as they learn more about the brand’s history. Recent reports suggest that 2 million people have already downloaded “Louis: The Game.” 

With numbers like these, more fashion brands will likely use Web3 games to drive customer engagement.