Coming Home: Doodles to move “The Stoodio” to Base

Credit: Doodles

On Monday, NFT media company Doodles announced it will be moving its platform “The Stoodio” to Ethereum L2 blockchain Base. The transition will take place in mid-July, with the move empowering Doodles to “thrive in a fragmented attention economy.”

The company stated that two main factors influenced its decision to put The Stoodio on Base: the blockchain’s ease of on-boarding and its cheaper, more cost-effective transactions. Doodles had previously launched The Stoodio on the Flow blockchain in April 2023.

The Stoodio is the “proprietary fandom hub” of Doodles, allowing fans to create and customize their personal Doodles character. It also houses a large collection of digital wearables, serves as a cornerstone for Doodles’ online community, and permits fans to unlock “award-winning” content through participation. It is part of “Doodles 2.”

According to the announcement on X, the future of The Stoodio will include quests and games, loyalty programs, rewards, tokenized access to media, and customizable tools for user-generated content. The company will build all of this on Base.

Julian Holguin, CEO of Doodles, said that broader adoption and user engagement for The Stoodio were two underlying motives for the move. He had no criticism of Flow or Dapper Labs, its creator, adding that the company has built things the “space as a whole should be proud of.” In the end, it just came down to the Doodles community being in places other than that ecosystem.

To celebrate the move, Doodles has launched an open edition, free to mint NFT on Base. The floor price of the original Doodles NFT collection spiked briefly to 1.35 ETH the day of the announcement. It has now settled to 1.3 ETH ($4,600).

Doodles Has Continued to Build Throughout Market Swings

Doodles started as a non-fungible token collection, once hitting a high of 17 ETH in April 2022. But, like many NFT collections, it took a hit during the bear market, with its floor price falling greatly. In between, there was a fundraise of $54 million, a bevy of new CEO-suite executives, and a controversy surrounding one of the founders.

And through it all, the company has continued to build with its goal to become Web3’s top media company. Here are three stories of Doodles from the past year, starting with the film many people are excited about.

Three months ago, Doodles announced that it was planning to debut an animated short film called “Dullsville and the Doodleverse.” It will feature Pharrell Williams, Lil Wayne, and Coi Leray. Golden Wolf, which Doodles acquired in 2023, will produce the film.

A year ago, Doodles revealed that it had partnered with CAMP for immersive retail experiences. The goal, Doodles said, was to create an emotional attachment to its brand by appealing to people across generations. Those who visited the Doodles exhibitions had a chance to play off-chain with The Stoodio and provide feedback.

Also a year ago, Doodles made adjustments to Doodles 2, allowing fans to customize their avatars with different outfits. To celebrate, it airdropped an NFT bundle called “The Pharrell Pack,” which included digital clothing Pharrell Williams selected, along with some of the singer’s favorite brands.

As these stories show, Doodles continues to build even as the NFT market has struggled. Rarity Sniper will pay attention to this story and update this article if needed.