Cool Cats Partners with Macy’s for Phygital Art Contest

Credit: Cool Cats

Cool Cats is having a good Thanksgiving season. It has seen its floor price rise almost 100% from 0.50 ETH to around 1 ETH, and it is preparing for an upcoming event: The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade where a float representing the collection will greet a national audience. Now, it’s taking its partnership with the department store chain a step further.

Last Friday, the collection unveiled “Color Me Cool,” a phygital art contest for Cool Cats holders. It works like this: Owners of the adorable blue cat NFTs can enter into a drawing to receive one of 1,000 available Blue Cat and Chugs figurines. The figures are completely white, allowing holders to paint the figurines when they receive them.

Each figurine will come with a near-field communication (NFC) chip, which will allow the painters to digitize their artwork to “share them with the world,” according to the Cool Cats blog post on the contest. This will also allow the artists to preserve their work for eternity on the blockchain, a nice perk for those who choose to digitize their creation.

As part of the contest, the winner may have their figurine featured in a much grander scale, although the team is being cagey on the details at the moment. Interested Cool Cats holders can enter the giveaway until Wednesday, November 22nd, 12 pm ET. Winners will be able to claim their figurines from November 23rd until December 6th.

As the Cool Cats team writes, this contest is a celebration of innovation, creativity, and community spirit. Holders are advised to unleash their imaginations, grab their paint brushes, and color the world “Cool.”

Cool Cats Makes News in Bear Market

There is no doubt that Cool Cats has had a tough time in the bear market. At one point in the bull, it had a floor price of over 10 ETH, but in the doldrums of the bear, that shrank to critical lows. Still, the team has continued to build. Here are three stories involving Cool Cats in the bear market, showing what it takes to survive.

First, two weeks ago, Cool Cats partnered with San FranTokyo and Animoca Brands to boost the collection’s brand-recognition throughout Japan and Asia. According to the report, Cool Cats would be featured in Vlogs and metaverse experiences, a big win for the collection.

Next, two months ago, Cool Cats revealed its balloons for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. The balloons will feature the two primary Cool Cats mascots: Blue Cat and Chugs. Along with the floats, Cool Cats merchandise will be sold in Macy’s stores for an undetermined amount of time.

Lastly, about a year ago, Cool Cats teased a special NFT collection for the World Cup in Qatar. The NFTs were to represent the 32 teams in the tournament and be dynamic, changing appearance depending on how the teams performed. The mint price was a low 0.069 ETH.

As these stories show, Cool Cats has been making news in the bear market, even as its floor price hit extreme lows. Now that the value of its collection is on the rebound, perhaps we’ll see even more projects out of this team, which should be good for the NFT space at large.