Cool Cats Teases Dynamic NFT World Cup Collection

Credit: Cool Cats

Last week, the team behind Cool Cats announced it will launch a non-fungible token collection that ties directly to the World Cup in Qatar. To do so, it has partnered with Animoca Brands, a leading Web3 company, and OneFootball Labs, which has partnerships across the soccer landscape.

The collection will launch on November 17th, 2022, with allowlist minting. There will be 4,000 total NFTs, 1,900 reserved for the allowlist and 1,600 reserved for public minting. Holders of Cool Cats and Cool Pets NFTs will automatically receive an allowlist spot, as will participants from certain “partner projects.”

The NFTs in this “Cool Cats FC” collection will correspond to the 32 teams participating in the Qatar World Cup. They will be dynamic and change visual appearance depending on the performance of the team in the competition. The team will launch the NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.

As part of the fun, holders of the NFTs will have the possibility of receiving prizes dependent on the performance of the team associated with their NFT. These prizes include IRL match-day tickets, merchandise, meet-and-greets with players, and more. Five holders of the winning-team NFT will receive the ultimate prize: a trip to tour the AC Milan facilities, the opportunity to take in a game from a VIP booth, and a meet-and-greet with a top player.

The mint price for the allowlist is 0.069 ETH, while the mint price for the public mint is 0.1 ETH. Most of the rewards will come in the form of ERC-1155 tokens, which users will need to burn to redeem for the prizes. The final date to claim the rewards will be January 15th, 2023. In addition to the soccer rewards, the Cool Cats team will put NFTs into the prize pool as well.

The Cool Cats Team Has Been Busy in 2022

Even during the NFT bear market, the top NFT companies have stayed busy. This is true for the Cool Cats team as well. While NFT prices have fallen, the team has formed partnerships, sold merch, and even created new collections. Here are three of our top stories involving the Cool Cats team this year.

First, there is the partnership between Cool Cats and Animoca Brands. About a month ago, the two formed a strategic partnership to bring Cool Cats into Web3 gaming. That partnership is already bearing fruit, as seen in this article with the pending launch of the Cool Cats FC collection.

Second, there is the partnership between Cool Cats and The Hundreds. In August of 2022, the two revealed they were collaborating to create more merch for Cool Cats fans. The public sale lasted just 72 hours, with Adam Bomb Squad (The Hundreds NFT collection), Cool Cats, and Cool Pets NFT holders given first crack at purchasing.

Third and finally, there is the Cool Cats’ The Sandbox avatars. On June 12th of 2022, Cool Cats revealed that it will create avatars that users can employ in The Sandbox metaverse. The announcement came with a Tweet that showcased four Cool Cats voxel models.

The Cool Cats’ new NFT collection shows that it continues to innovate within the NFT space. It is also timely, corresponding to the World Cup in Qatar. If it is successful, other top NFT companies may launch standalone collections tied to real world events, with IRL prizes.