Sells Out NFT-Backed Trading Cards for the Super Bowl

As the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers get ready to face off this Sunday for Super Bowl LVII,, a trading card collectible platform and NFT marketplace, launches its first-ever American football card NFT drop.

The ‘Game Day Legends’ NFTs cost $58, and consist of NFTs linked to physical trading cards that are vaulted at Brinks, the world’s leading protector of assets. The cards feature all-time legends and current players from both Super Bowl teams.

Here’s how it works:

  • Each pack contains a graded football card secured at Brink’s from one of the two Super Bowl teams
  • Packs can be traded on or other secondary NFT marketplaces
  • Holders can unveil their card by ripping it once the timer expires
  • Packs left unripped will automatically be revealed over time

Fans who purchase a pack can choose to reveal it to see which player they received, trade it on a secondary marketplace, or redeem their NFT whenever they desire to receive the actual physical card. All of the NFTs are on-chain and the process is secure and transparent.

Nicolas le Jeune, the CEO of, told Rarity Sniper that they were excited to “bring something fresh to our mystery pack drops and give football fans a fun way to celebrate the teams and players in Super Bowl LVIII. Pulling a Charizard is great, but so is pulling a potential MVP of the biggest game of the year!”

In the past, has made Web3 headlines with its successful Pokémon card drops. In October 2023, the platform sold 60,000 Pokemon cards in just 24 seconds, some of which resold for up to 6,000% more than their original price. One of the appeals of the process for users and degens is that when fans purchase a pack they don’t know which card they’re going to get until it is revealed.

Some of the top cards in the Game Day Legends drop include Travis Kelce and Christian McCaffrey rookie cards, and various cards of Kansas City’s superstar quarterback Patrick Mahomes II. There are also older cards from past legends.

The Super Bowl is Usually a Big Day for Web3

The Super Bowl is typically the most-watched American television broadcast of the year. Last year, a record of 115.1 million people tuned in, and this year’s numbers could be even higher. Interestingly, it appears that most Web3 and crypto companies are sitting out the big game in 2024. However, that certainly wasn’t the case in years past.

Last year, we covered several headlines in Web3 during the Super Bowl. Here’s a review of some of the Web3 projects we saw during last year’s game:

The lack of interest in Web3 around the Super Bowl this year could be attributed to the prolonged bear market, which we appear to be emerging from at the moment. We also expect they’ll be some surprises during the game. Whether it’s a Bitcoin ETF commercial or an NFT drop from the championship team, that’s anyone’s guess.

Either way, for trading card collectors and NFT fans, snagging a pack from could be a fun way to compliment the game. To learn more about, check out our latest interview: Sniper Spotlight with Nicolas le Jeune from