Crocs Treads New Ground with Doodles Partnership

Credit: Doodles

The family friendly NFT collection Doodles dropped an exciting announcement on Twitter last week. The OG collection is partnering with Crocs footwear for a creative new product line that will be launching later this month.

Details surrounding the new release from Dooodles and the “holey shoe” brand are still sparse, but from what we know, Doodles intends to drop a new series of products that captures the feel-good spirit of Crocs. Given the positive and playful vibe of Doodles, the partnership seems like a good match.

According to Doodles’ CEO Julian Holguin, who posted to Twitter (X) on August 4th, the new product line is scheduled to be released sometime in August. It will feature Doodles-themed wearables, shoes, and “jibbitz” (little patches or charms that can be attached to shoes). Some are speculating that Doodles NFT characters that can be clipped onto custom Crocs might not be far off.

Holguin also mentioned that August will be a launchpad month for Doodles. Besides the Crocs collab, he teased a new line of merchandise and experiences from CAMP Live, new vinyls, plushies, lifestyle goods, apparel, and the introduction of character backstories via new forms of content.

The consensus from degens and Doodles holders on Twitter was that the new partnership with Crocs was another big move for the company. People also praised Doodles for continuing to build its brand and bring value to holders.

Doodles is Becoming a Web3 Brand to Reckon With

Like many OG NFT collections, the floor price of Doodles NFTs is down significantly from its all-time highs. But that hasn’t stopped the brand from continuing to build its brand through new partnerships and products. In fact, ever since Julian Holguin was hired as Doodles’ CEO about a year ago, the NFT studio has been on a tear.

At Rarity Sniper, we’ve been here to follow Doodles evolution from a collection of colorful hand drawn NFTs from artist Burnt Toast to a global entertainment, fashion, and product brand that’s reshaping what can be done in Web3.

Here are some of the top headlines from Doodles this year:

Right now, Doodles has a lot going its way. The combination of an experienced media entertainment executive like Holguin as its CEO, an award-winning musician, fashion designer, and global celebrity like Pharrell Williams as its Chief Brand Officer, and an enthusiastic community of NFT holders as its base, makes Doodles hard to stop in Web3.

At Rarity Sniper, we’ll be on the lookout for updates on Doodles latest collaboration with Crocs.