Doodles 2 Is Coming to the Flow Blockchain

Credit: Doodles

Doodles, one of the leading Web3 media and entertainment companies, has announced it is launching Doodles 2 on the Flow blockchain.

Doodles 2 is a unique NFT experience that lets Doodles holders customize their NFTs with wearables and attributes minted on Flow. Using the Dooplicator tool, holders can create dynamic NFT identities that can be shared across social media, live events, gaming platforms, and metaverses. The wearables can also be traded on the Gaia marketplace.

The project will add value to the existing Doodles’ community, who will be able to customize their NFTs to match their real-life vibes or choose to create something entirely new. There are also IRL experiences and other integrations planned.

The CEO of Doodles, Julian Holguin, said Flow was “built to scale from day one” and was a perfect fit for Doodles moving forward.

The Flow blockchain from Dapper Labs is currently home to brands like the NBA, NFL, and Ticketmaster. Flow was built as a scalable blokchain after its first NFT gaming project CryptoKitties congested the Ethereum network in 2017. Flow supports gaming and consumer applications, and can potentially process millions of transactions at once.

Other benefits of Flow are no gas fees and it’s seamless consumer checkout experience for customers. The Doodles’ team believes Flow’s frictionless onboarding experience and world-class security will let Doodles not only reach Web3 natives, but welcome newcomers to the space as well.

Doodles is a blue-chip NFT collection of 10,000 NFTs on Ethereum launched in October 2021. Since drop, it has since spawned one of the most vibrant communities in Web3. Its pastel colors and family vibe make it one of the most recognizable brands in the space.

The first stage of Doodles 2 will open to holders on January 31, when the Dooplicator tool is released to Doodles holders.

Doodles Keeps Adding Value for Holders

2022 was a tough year for a lot of NFT projects, and many chose to stay quit or dissappear altogether. But that wasn’t the case for Doodles. Despite the bear market, the company has been building, releasing projects, and consistently adding value to the Doodles’ community. Here are some of our most recent stories about Doodles.

First, about seven months ago, Doodles made headlines when it hired renowned musician Pharrell Williams as its new Chief Brand Officer. The news was announced at NFT.NYC, where Williams pledged to “bring Doodles to new heights.”

Next, four months ago, Doodles raised $54 million in a funding round led by Reddit’s co-founder Alexis Ohanian’s company Seven Seven Six. Doodles plans to use the funds to expand into music and entertainment. The latest round placed Doodles valuation at $704 milion.

Finally, two days ago, Doodles announced it was set to acquire the award-winning animation studio Golden Wolf. The studio has worked with Disney and on popular sci-fi shows like ‘Rick & Morty.’ The move strengthens Doodles resources as it looks to become a top Web3 entertainment brand.

Doodles dropping its newest project on Flow is big news for Doodles holders and fans of the blockchain. We’ll keep our ears to the ground to see if there’s any more news about new projects and collaborations between Doodles and Flow.