CULT Teams with FFFACE.ME to Create Metaverse Beauty World


CULT, the UK-based organization behind Metaverse Beauty Week, has made another step into Web3. For this initiative, it has partnered with FFFACE.ME, a mixed reality and Web3 product house, to debut Metaverse Beauty World, which will explore the boundary between virtual worlds and the beauty industry.

According to a press release shared with Rarity Sniper, Metaverse Beauty World will include Web3, Web2, and IRL experiences. Participants will be able to test the limits of self-expression through augmented reality technology in “thrilling and dynamic virtual beauty experiences,” based on the lessons CULT learned in Metaverse Beauty Week.

Metaverse Beauty World (MBWorld) will include features like:

  • AR product try-ons
  • 360-degree creative communications
  • Interactive displays
  • Immersive installations

“We believe in embracing the unknown,” CEO of CULT and MBWorld Co-Founder, Bridey-Rae Lipscombe, said in a statement. “It’s who we are as an organization. Exploring Web3 initiatives with a brand marketing lens allows us to deep dive into this new territory and take our learnings with us as we partner with innovation teams and brands that want to unlock future potential in Web3.”

CCO of CULT and MBWorld Co-Founder, Cat Turner, added, “It’s an exciting time for the beauty industry as it continues to pioneer with Web3 and metaverse strategies. We therefore feel the time is ideal for our heritage and experience in this field to coalesce with the emerging realities. This typifies what true beauty innovation is about — exploration, self-expression and celebrating the unique parts of who we are.”

Beauty Industry and Web3 a Promising Match

According to Statista, a popular statistics website, the personal care and beauty industry has a value of $579 billion worldwide. And according to McKinsey, the metaverse has the potential to generate $5 trillion in value by 2030. But the match between the beauty industry and the metaverse goes deeper than valuations and into the world of self-expression.

As metaverse users already know, virtual worlds offer an almost limitless opportunity to redefine appearance, whether it’s through clothes, accessories, or make-up. Without having to be confined to the laws of the physical world, metaverses allow users to create the look they want, down to their size, skin type, or another type of attribute.

CULT, in its Metaverse Beauty Week, explored the link between virtual worlds and self-expression, or the ability for users to determine exactly how they want to appear. There were events that challenged the notions of traditional culture norms regarding appearance, as well as airdrops for accessories.

While personal care and beauty might seem like an odd fit initially for the metaverse (after all, you can’t smell perfume yet in virtual worlds), beauty companies have found themselves right at home in Web3. And that’s definitely a bullish sign.

CEO of FFFACE.ME Speaks with Rarity Sniper

In an effort to learn more about the Metaverse Beauty World, Rarity Sniper reached out to FFFACE.ME for the alpha. According to Dmytro Kornilov, CEO and Co-founder of that company, MBWorld will be a communication platform built around the beauty industry that involves activities in the most popular social networks, VR and game platforms, and offline.

“We are partnering with digital beauty creators, makeup artists, beauty media and influencers, and obviously — brands,” he added. “It’s an ecosystem, where Web2 and Web3 communities empower each other to bring the best experiences across the industry to one place.”

Kornilov told Rarity Sniper that the company wants to make MBWorld work at the intersection of online and offline. In his view, offline activations were a missing puzzle piece for many Web3 projects in 2022, something FFFACE.ME wants to rectify.

“People love their real life, and they love their online life, and they are ready to explore entirely virtual spaces,” he said. “But they don’t want to replace their real life with the virtual one. This year it became clear that the metaverse is not about virtual reality only. It’s about mixed reality or mixing of realities if you want. So, we’re bringing real-life to WEB3 and finally making it actually cross-platform.”

He added that the partnership between CULT and FFFACE.ME is a perfect example of synergy for MBWorld, and that the two companies will build something much more valuable than one-day hype. “We’re building the marketing system of the future today.”

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