Discord Doubles Down on Web3 Friendly Features

Credit: Discord

Discord, a popular app used in the Web3 community, announced on Monday that it will be expanding its “Linked Roles” feature to over 20 compatible websites. The Linked Roles feature allows individual Discord members to connect off-site accounts to their Discord profiles, enhancing user credibility and possibility mitigating fraud.

The announcement came in the form of a lengthy blog post, which shows users how to connect the off-site accounts to their Discord profiles. Sites users can connect to their Discord profile include eBay, Reddit, Steam, Twitter, and DeviantArt. Users can choose to reveal their connected accounts to each Discord server they connect to, adding a level of privacy.

Discord hopes the expanded Linked Roles feature will reduce the number of scams and fraud on the website. As of now, it is not uncommon for scammers to target Discord community members and even the servers themselves to siphon money from individuals in the form of get-rich-quick schemes or fake giveaways.

The expanded feature will likely enhance user connections as well. Examples Discord gave in its blog post were of people connecting over shared interests, which the new linked roles will show more of. It may add a layer of complexity to the Discord ecosystem as well, with groups forming over sub-interests instead of a single server.

Discord is popular with the NFT and Web3 community, with many projects hosting servers on the platform. NFT project teams often use Discord for giveaways, public relations, and as a home for its members. “Community” is one of the buzzwords in Web3, after all. As the skeptical view of Discord private messages is “to regard each one as a potential scam,” perhaps the expanded linked roles feature will change that perception.

Companies Innovate in Web3 Space During Bear Market

Although the crypto market has slumped in recent months, companies have continued to innovate in the field. At Rarity Sniper, we have written many articles about the top companies in the world unveiling new features for the Web3 community. Here are three.

First, two months ago, Twitter announced that it was expanding its Tweet Tiles feature to NFTs. Now, with the new, expanded feature, users will be able to share a marketplace listing of an NFT, complete with a picture and some metadata.

Next, three months ago, Instagram shared that its NFT posting feature is now live. At the time of the announcement, the feature was available in 100 countries throughout the world and supported the Ethereum and Polygon blockchains.

Lastly, six months ago, TAG Heuer revealed a new feature for its Connected Calibre E4 smartwatch: the ability to display and authenticate NFTs. The new feature functions with two wallets — Metamask and Ledger Live — and displays the non-fungible tokens within a hexagonal border.

Discord’s new feature is big news, especially for those that like to share their interests outside of a particular server. If it reduces the amount of fraud on the website, even better. Here at Rarity Sniper, we’ll keep our ears to the ground for further developments in the story.