Twitter Unveils Tweet Tiles Feature for NFTs

Credit: CNET - Sarah Tew

On Thursday, Twitter announced that it was expanding its Tweet Tiles feature to non-fungible tokens. With the Tweet Tiles feature, users will be able to share a marketplace listing of an NFT, complete with a picture of the NFT and certain meta data, including the creator and title. As of now, the feature is available to select iOS and website Twitter users.

For the trial, Twitter has partnered with four marketplaces: multichain Rarible, Solana-centric Magic Eden, Flow blockchain creator Dapper Labs, and sports NFT market After the Twitter announcement, the Rarible Twitter account wrote, “Doodlin’ around… Experience NFTs on @Twitter in a whole new way. With Tweet Tiles, now being tested.”

Twitter has confirmed that Tweet Tiles is blockchain-agnostic and will not favor a particular blockchain over another. Through its partnerships with the four marketplaces, Twitter can reach several blockchains, including Ethereum, Solana, Flow, Tezos, Polygon, and Immutable X.

The Tweet Tiles feature initially started in August with three publications: The New York Times, Washington Post, and The Guardian. Tweet Tiles allow for more in-depth content within Tweets than typically seen. A Twitter Blue account — Twitter’s subscription service where users can try out new features — will not be required to use Tweet Tiles.

Although the feature will allow users to display listings of NFTs, trading will still happen on the partner marketplaces. Still, the integration could allow for better marketing and sales of NFTs and shows the platform that many in the NFT community call home is still innovating within Web3.

Twitter Dives Deep into Web3

Twitter, far more than other social media platforms, has been the online meeting place for NFT enthusiasts at least since the 2021 bull run. And this year, it has lived up to its position in the space. Here are three stories involving Twitter and Web3 in 2022.

First, there is Sia and the account Bianca de Medici. Eight months ago, the famous singer revealed that she was the person behind the account, which had interacted with the NFT community and celebrated the fun of NFT collecting.

Second, there is Twitter’s Ethereum tip jar feature. Eight months ago, the platform released a new feature where users could tip their favorite influencers in Ethereum. At the same time, Twitter added three other payment options: Paga, Barter, and Paytm.

Third and finally, there is Twitter’s profile picture verification feature. Nine months ago, the bird app company launched a feature whereby NFT users could verify that they owned the picture they used as their avatar. When verified, the pictures showed up in a hexagonal border.

Twitter’s Tweet Tiles NFT feature shows that the company is still innovating in Web3. And NFT enthusiasts will likely be happy with the additional functionality of the platform. Here at Rarity Sniper, we’ll keep our eyes open for further developments in the story.