DS & Durga Collab with FVCKRENDER for NFT Perfumes


The acclaimed crypto artist FVCKRENDER is teaming up with the fragrance brand DS & Durga for a genesis NFT collection. The first-of-its-kind collection will consist of 5,555 NFTs merging real-world perfume with utilities in the metaverse.

By purchasing a Manticore Musk NFT on July 18th holders will receive a real-life pocket-sized perfume and other perks, such as access to virtual spaces such as FVCKRENDER’s LVCIDIA metaverse and private Discord chats. They will also get access to IRL parties and events.

The one-of-a-kind fragrance Manticure Musk was modeled after an oil found in Cretan Doric under the ruined temple of Technaós in 1924. The creators of Manticure Musk say they’ve recreated the mythical aroma by using “materials sourced from the digital cosmos.” Interestingly, the traits of the NFTs will correspond to different notes in the perfume.

FVCKRENDER is a famous Vancouver-based digital artist who has worked with LeBron James, Spotify, Puma, Instagram, and many more. DS & Durga is an independent fragrance company founded by husband-and-wife team David and Kavi Moltz in 2017. They craft scents “others can only dream of” and their exclusive perfumes often sell out instantly.

NFTs for Makeup & Perfume Brands are Blossoming

While there’s no doubt Manticure Musk from FVCKBENDER and DS & Durga is unique, it’s far from the only Web3 project from a perfume or makeup company. At Rarity Sniper, we’ve covered several makeup and perfume companies dropping Web3 and NFT projects. Here are some of the most notable.

Last month, the Nike-owned Web3 studio RTFKT partnered with the Swedish fragrance company Bryedo to start working on the “perfume of the future in Web3.” RTFKT suggested its new perfume would use “near-field communication” (NFC) technology to bring metaverse scents to real life.

Superstar singer and owner of Fenty Beauty, Rihanna, also filed a series of trademarks for Web3 in March. The trademarks were related to NFTs in the form of skin care preparations, hair accessories, and perfumes. Fenty Beauty, which launched in 2017, quickly became popular for its 50 shades catering to all skin colors and genders.

Lastly, Clinique, an Estée Lauder company is launching an NFT makeup campaign to spotlight the diversity of skin tones and facial structures. The move from Clinique should be no surprise given Estée Lauder was the exclusive beauty sponsor of the inaugural Metaverse Fashion Week in the Decentraland metaverse.

As NFTs and the metaverse create new ways for brands to connect with fans, the possibilities for the beauty and fashion industry seem limitless. We’ll be watching on June 18th to see how the Manicure Musk NFT collection from FVCKRENDER and DS & Durga sells, but if the digital artist and fragrance maker’s past successes are any indication, we think it will do just fine.