Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty Prepares for Metaverse with Trademarks

Credit: Forbes / Fenty Beauty

Rihanna-owned Fenty Beauty filed a series of trademarks for Web3 and the metaverse on March 14th. The trademarks surround “virtual downloadable” goods related to cosmetics. Some examples listed in the trademark applications were make-up and hair accessories, skincare preparations, and perfumes.

All are set up for use in a virtual world, such as a metaverse.

Fenty Beauty launched in 2017 with the primary goal of making the cosmetics industry more inclusive. It’s popular due to its 50 shades that cater to all skin colors and genders. In 2017, it was named one of Time magazine’s best inventions.

There is no telling yet which metaverse Rihanna will select for her company, though Decentraland (DCL) would be an interesting choice. DCL is already home to Gucci, a luxury fashion company, and is playing host to the first virtual fashion week later in March. Sketchers, JP Morgan, and other companies are planning to set up shop there.

More Companies Are Piling into Web3 via Trademarks

Filing trademark applications seems to be a popular way of launching into Web3 for top companies, judging by the last couple of months. Victoria’s Secret, McDonald’s, Walmart, L’Oreal, Chevron, and more have started entering the metaverse with trademark applications, some with different intentions than others.

Although some companies have strictly focused on trademarking products under the brand name, others have tipped their hands and revealed more extensive plans for Web3.

For instance, McDonald’s shared in its trademark application that it is planning an “order virtual, deliver IRL” service where customers can order in the metaverse, and then have food delivered to their doors.

Aside from trademarking generic product categories, the trademark applications for Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty don’t reveal much or if there will be an innovation in its business approach to Web3. But given Rihanna’s level head and the dynamic persona she showcased during her music career, Fenty Beauty could cook up something nice for existing and new customers.

Cosmetics lends itself well to augmented reality, such as having avatars try on make-up in the Fenty Beauty metaverse stores and changing their skin color. But only time will tell what Rihanna wants to do in the metaverse and whether her customer base will receive it well.