Clinique Launches NFT Makeup Campaign to Promote Diversity

Credit: Clinique

Clinique, an Estée Lauder company, wants to bring more diversity to the metaverse. To promote that aim, it is launching an NFT makeup campaign that will spotlight a variety of skin tones and facial structures. Here’s what we know about the campaign so far:

  • 5,904 makeup NFTs will be airdropped to random holders of Non-Fungible People NFTs
  • The designs of those 5,904 NFTs come from three different artists
  • Each artist will have their separate drop, occurring either in July, August, or September
  • Users have three options for their NFT: Use on their Non-Fungible Person, hold, or sell 

The makeup NFTs will function like other “modifier” NFTs — taking a base illustration and making changes. In the case of these NFTs, using them will cause a splash of makeup to cover the face of the Non-Fungible Person.

Clinique has partnered with NFT company Daz 3D to handle the drop. Jessica Rizzuto, Daz 3D’s senior vice president of e-commerce, said the company has a long tradition of creating inclusion in digital environments. She added that this partnership with Clinique shows the company continues to push boundaries.

Carolyn Dawkins, a senior vice president at Clinique, said that the company tackles issues of diversity in the production of its makeup products. This mentality led to Clinique’s inclusion-focused approach in the metaverse.

For the drop, Clinique and Daz 3D will use the Polygon blockchain. Polygon, a Layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum, is known for its environmental friendliness. The sidechain released a “Green Manifesto” earlier this year. Its focus on the environment has endeared it to many NFT drop teams.

Beauty Companies Making Their Mark in Web3

Clinique’s approach to Web3 is undoubtedly innovative, and many subgroups in the metaverse may find it attractive. But it is not the only beauty company making waves in Web3, some with intriguing approaches.

Estée Lauder, Clinique’s parent company, was the exclusive beauty sponsor of the inaugural Metaverse Fashion Week. That event, which took place in Decentraland, saw countless companies and users come together to celebrate fashion in a Web3 environment.

Fenty Beauty, Rihanna’s company, recently filed for trademarks related to Web3. It remains to be seen what the powerhouse female icon’s plans are for the space, but given the bold nature of the singer, it could be something grand.

Another company experimenting in an area related to beauty is RTFKT. RTFKT is known for innovation, coming up with custom shoes for the metaverse long before the NFT gold rush. Rarity Sniper reported that the company is planning a line of “fragrance” NFTs that could add some spice to metaverse avatars.

Time will tell how users receive the Clinique’s campaign, but it has a popular message and utility. We’ll be waiting on any further developments throughout the summer.