Ducati Enters Web3 with NFT Set on XRP Ledger

Credit: Bike Exif

Ducati, an Italian motorcycle manufacturer, announced its entrance into Web3 with a set of digital collectibles launching on the XRP Ledger. The NFT collection, which will celebrate the company’s past, present, and future, comes in partnership with Web3 Pro, an enterprise onboarding business, and Ripple, a US-based technology company.

Although little is known about the collection so far, registration has gone live on the Ducati website as of today. In its marketing, the company has written, “Collectibles. Community. Experiences.” This indicates that Ducati may follow in the footsteps of other mainstream companies entering the space, offering virtual or IRL experiences to its digital community as a reward for holding the NFTs.

In a blog post, the company wrote that embracing technological innovation is a core part of its culture and includes moments like selling the first motorcycle online, creating a blog to facilitate discourse between Ducati management and its audience, and chats with Ducati riders. Thus, the NFT collection is a natural part of the company’s digital strategy, of which the Ducati community will be at the forefront.

XRP may not be known for its NFTs — people typically see it as a real-time gross settlement system between banks — but it has made moves to include non-fungible tokens on its ledger. Months ago, it launched a program designed to bring more NFT creators into the XRP eco-system, providing funding and opportunities for said persons.

Rarity Sniper has reached out to Ducati for comment and will update this article when it responds.

Car Industry Bets Big on Web3

The car industry is big business, so perhaps it is no surprise that it has turned its attention to Web3 with enthusiasm. At Rarity Sniper, we’ve seen many car companies enter the space in the past year, including some heavyweight luxury car manufacturers. Here are three of our best articles about car manufacturers and Web3.

First, seven months ago, Rolls-Royce debuted its “The Six Elements” car series that came with accompanying non-fungible tokens. British artist Sacha Jafri did the artwork for the tokens, which focused on various humanitarian pillars and, of course, the five universal elements.

Next, nine months ago, Nissan, a top Japanese automaker, filed five trademark applications to bring its brand into Web3. The applications related to the company’s most iconic car models, including the GTR, SKYLINE, and Z. Nissan plans to release NFTs and NFT-backed media, and to possibly open an NFT marketplace.

Lastly, 11 months ago, luxury car manufacturer W Motors partnered with Tokengate to launch an NFT collection and metaverse experiences around its HyperCars. The first drop, called HyperWolves, introduced the company’s Web3 roadmap. The NFTs contained perks such as factory visits and virtual cars.

As today’s news shows, more vehicle companies are still entering the Web3 space, which is a bullish signal in this bear market. Rarity Sniper will follow up with the Ducati collection and report back if needed.