Goblintown NFT Art Takes Twitch By Storm In ‘Only Up’

Credit: Only Up

In a win for Truth Labs, the creators of different quirky non-fungible token collections, the art for its NFT set Goblintown is featured prominently in a new, popular Steam game called Only Up. At one point, the game had more than 100,000 simultaneous viewers, amounting to a massive free advertising for the collection.

Only Up features a character from ‘The Ghetto’ who attempts to make a change in his life by scaling to the top of a high landscape. It is currently ranked 24th in popularity with over 3.7 million hours watched over the past seven days. In addition to the Goblintown art, the environment features depictions of Shibu Inu, avocado halves, and floating oranges.

SCKR Games, an indie game development studio, created Only Up, a name not to be confused with ‘Up Only,’ a popular crypto phrase that refers to price action. There is no word yet on whether Truth Labs is associated with SCKR Games and whether they made a deal to put Goblintown art in Only Up.

And SCKR Games wouldn’t necessarily have needed Truth Labs’ permission. Goblintown art is under CCo, which is Creative Commons licensing, meaning that anyone can use the art for free. SCKR used Goblintown imagery on the buildings and on the back of the character, blending the art well with the imagery of the game.

Goblintown was one of the highlights in 2022, launching right at the beginning of the bear market as a free mint and accelerating to a high ETH floor. It is well-known for its marketing campaign, which featured Twitter posts in various types of font and mnemonic phrases. To date, it has generated $102 million in sales.

Truth Labs Has Been Busy in the Bear Market

Although many NFT teams have packed up their bags since the start of the bear market, Truth Labs has kept trucking. Between building marketplaces and preparing to launch new collections, the company has made innovations within Web3 and added some moments of much-needed levity. Here are three stories about it from the past 10 months.

First, a month ago, Truth Labs made waves when it announced a new collection that reward bad NFT traders. Called “BiG iNC,” the collection set out to offer a mint to those traders who had fumbled their bags the worst. There was an additional catch: Whales would not be allowed to mint.

Next, seven months ago, Goblintown teased a partnership with Bigshot Toyworks to launch a Grumpl toy collection. The team said at the time at the toys would be an affordable entry point to the Goblintown universe, modeled after the team’s Grumpl NFT collection.

Lastly, 10 months ago, Truth Labs announced the debut of its new NFT marketplace, which would include all the team’s collections. The marketplace was said to have a 5% royalty fee for both creators and purchasers of NFTs, as well as an enhanced security feature.

Truth Labs has been busy in the market downturn, and its tactic of using Creative Commons licensing for its Goblintown collection is still bearing fruit. Rarity Sniper will keep an eye on the company and report back on any developments in this story.